A Super Bowl of Predictions


The New England Patriots were victorious over the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51. Many predictions were made, the result was unprecedented.

As I and many others predicted, politics continue to infuse the cultural and social landscape. Many wondered what outspoken Lady Gaga would do what halftime and she kept it more Gaga and less political… or has she been political enough for it to be part of her persona now?  Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta has dedicated herself to the Gaga Character more than most entertainers I can think of. She never struck me as unintelligent and may be coming around to the ongoing paradigm shift.

Continuing with my interest in how different things happen for the same reason. Gaga goes against prevailing predictions and gives an apolitical performance which pleasantly surprised some and led others to  attack her.

Tom Brady, Bill Bellichick and Robert Kraft (quarterback,  coach  and owner respectively) of the New England Patriots, have been vocal in their support of Donald ‘the Precedent’ Trump as a human being. Many that were against Trump were quite gleeful at halftime when they were facing what looked like a potential blowout. Many taking to social media and other outlets with bold predictions of the impending loss and politicizing the issue. They were proved wrong.

Even the above illustration came together from a friends suggestion that wanted to focus more on the deflategate as the crux of the joke. My goal is to continue crushing peoples predictions 🙂 I kid. Was going to do a Dough* and still may, but thanks Ssan for part of prompting me to do this.



  • *Previous dough from before last Super Bowl

  • This may lay to rest the Greatest Of All Time QB or coach. For certain QB Coach combo.
  • Hilarious. Gaga knows what she is doing. Also kudos to some people putting themselves out there to be ridiculed at these levels. (adult language but really worth it, oh Patrice O’Neal could be hilarious)

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