End of Borecracy

illuscorepolai copy.jpg

I drew this illustration in 2009. At the time and you little of former representative Barney Frank, much less how horrendous the Dodd– Frank bill of 2010 would prove to be. As a reader of The Economist and may have seen this picture of Barney Frank, but my main inspiration or intent was to try out the new brushes in Corel Painter. The appearance of the peace is marine focus which notepads another layer of commentary to the piece.

The Dodd-Frank financial regulatory bill, which described various government and private sector interactions, is one of the regulations currently being targeted for alteration or repeal by the uncharacteristic busycracy that has been the Trump Presidency. From Barney Frank: Trump’s order ‘doesn’t do anything’ | TheHill –

“Much of that law is popular,” Frank said during an interview with John Catsimatidis that aired on New York’s AM 970. “The executive order that the president offered with a lot of hype has no specifics. In fact, it doesn’t do anything.”

Ladies and gentlemen, popularity! The appeal to popularity or Argumentum ad populum is a favorite of collectivists and seen in more practical terms with the ongoing ‘Trump didn’t win the popular vote’ meme (coincidentally neither did either Clinton, Bill or Hillary*). It focuses on how things appear. It does not matter if it’s good just said it looks good and enough people think so.

This bill like much of bureaucracy is about appearance over substance. Created by following the mindset of write it, roll it out and let it sit there for a while. Then when it comes time to revisit it, try to remember what the original reason for it was then re-purpose it for a current need.


  • *Both Clinton’s did not run in republican vs democrat races. The percent of votes cast for other candidates in all 3 presidential campaigns were mostly for people other than either Clinton. when they say Hillary won the popular vote, they literally mean she had the highest total out of any candidate.
    Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 05.39.44.png
    37.5% + 18.9% is 56.4%. Bill Clinton did not win the popular vote but ran away with the Electoral one, and this secured a legitimate presidency. Could even tack on 0.6% that went to other candidates or that 44.8% eligible did not vote. More on that

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