Females are Unfairly Treated by Courts

Any discrepancy in sentencing for the -‘same crime’ between races is exponentially higher between genders. To this end a Judge has made what could be a landmark statement during a ruling where he specifically indicates he sentenced the female criminals as if they were 3 ales that had sexually assaulted a female, adding that this was done due to the tendency for courts to be more lenient to females.

Is this more prof of Patriarchy harming males? Is it because we unfairly view women as weak? Is it the denial of female agency?

It’s a rather short video for how important this could be. Give it a listen.

I look forward to where this goes. We need address this example of a healthy and natural  gynocentrism run amok. I think it is ongoing signs of the paradigm shift and general society catching up to information that can shatter misconceptions and delusions. This is not a ‘yay lets put more women in jail’ but a finally we can identify the actual prevalence of criminal and harmful behavior and better address their underlying causes.



  • Prison School is a manga and Anime involving prison and school…The combination of Echi, humor and art is one of the best. Don’t really know what else to say. It is very Japanese. Image is for a live action stage play of it.



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