The Future is Female….

…Genital Mutilation*.

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Hillary Clinton released a statement  including the “future is female” trope. This was a common shirt in the Women’s March as were the Pussyhats. So was support for  acceptance of cultures that still mutilate girls. In the United Kingdom a report is made in every hour and in Germany its been reported** as a  growing problem since 9 BCY is the United States of America next? It should come as no surprise that a recent survey conducted in 10 European nations showed and average of 55% want a stop to immigration from literally Muslim majority countries  versus the 90 day freeze  based on nations that happen to be Muslim majority countries that Trump proposed.

Back to the women though. It’s all about the women. The higher immigration caused by redistribution of wealth voted in by females and much of the concern of demographics brought by harm of women.

Will gender parity in mutilating genitalia in the west finally be a thing. Not by recognizing and reducing this horrific practice to boys but instead increase the practice to girls.  Will this inspire people to start loping off a breast at birth to reduce future chances of Breast Cancer, or add a testicle for ? Surely you do not want women to die form breast cancer, or trying to say that being female is defined by genitalia and physical traits. No matter the body, it is their choice of it being ‘her’ choice.

Choice maters. Unless it’s a child, in that case mutilate away.


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