Crowder’s Abstinence or Schumer’s Crowd

Steven Crowder making the case for Abstinence before marriage. Amy Schumer argues against it. Crowder opens with the clear benefits of lower STD rates adding that a need for trust, not his Christian faith, is the central aspect of his advocacy. Amy opens jokingly saying she sleeps with a guy on the first date and ads some expletives. Steven asks how would you trust someone who slept with you on the first date? The video is roughly 6 years old, and i have some time-stamped comments following it.

1:51- Amy says ‘I don’t think women should use sex as a bargaining chip.’ No. They kind of should, you just know that by having played yours so much it’s value has dropped. This is a general thing some people want to flood the market with certain commodities so the value of it drops to the quality of what they can offer.

2:05 – This is the face you make when you think a much higher ‘risk of fun’ makes higher STD risk worth it.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 05.44.34.png

2:32- AS claims SC is arrogant because he is talking about things when he doesn’t know who he will be sexually yet. She claims he will be into more freaky things as he ages. SC concedes he will change. Projection from AS as she has likely become weirder and why does she discount you growing with one partner? Oh she’s never done that.

3:23- AS says there is no contract that someone won’t cheat on you belaying her inability to keep contracts. Says she could fall in love with someone else. A: she doesn’t know what love is. B: When she later speaks of male infidelity it’s not couched in language of ‘love.’ well Boy-love, literally.

4:06- AS : Slept with probably a ‘Bakers two dozen and I’m fine.” Sure you are.

5:23- AS : last three relationships lasted between 2-5 years slept with them almost immediately because she knew she wanted to be with them
SC : Points out the exception of that 5 year mark of them breaking up
AS : Yeah, but at least she figured it out and didn’t get married to someone she hates.

Soooo essentially you slept with someone you mistakenly thought you wanted to be with but now have memories of intercourse with people you hate.

6:13 – AS : ‘Lie, Lie why would people have to be honest about their emotions?’ Yet she has repeatedly said she gets who she likes so sleeps with them fast. She knows she is lieing, she has been lied to so she projects that others lie about being happy when they are sad like she does.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 05.28.53.png

6:29 – I just don’t know any happily married people. and then she chuckles and makes this face. I believe you Amy. 100%. Look at them above, then read this following comment from the video

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 05.25.00.png

6:58 – AS : Dishonest superficial apology then says despite SC ending his column saying no judgments it ‘felt’ very judgmental. She has been questioning the judgement pf peoples own declarations throughout the segment.

7:07 – AS : ‘People like me who are almost 10 years older and know how to live life and not to just have all these morals without life experience’…Crowder was 23 here, so Amy was at the ‘ripe old age of 33’ as AC added that counter punch and earlier mentioned a bakers half dozen of partners…Yeah, your experience still has not given you morals because morals do not require experience, but experiences are usually dedicated in large part due to morals or lack there of them.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 06.03.37.png

Agree with the observation but think the answer to why is simpler. Amy Schumer took Stephen Crowders column as a direct attack on her personal life choices therefore felt justified in replying in kind. Now is this due to being narcissistic and thinking it’s all about her, I don’t think so. Likely more due to being unable to come to grips with whatever broke her to the point of her loose lifestyle.


  • I appreciate how Steven Crowder goes at Old Man Bernie Sanders. Socialism is horrific. this is not a nice man and no, this person would have been BTFO by Trump.
  • A sad story. unfortunate how many people use humor to cover up some dark things.

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