I Marched : We Won

I showed up.

I made a sign.

I brought people.

We chanted.

We took pictures.

Shared them on social media.

We joined chants.

We talked to people.

I marched.

We won.

You Lost

You didn’t have plans.

Didn’t have points.

Don’t have your sign.

Attended both events.

Have written about the experience.

You virtue signaled your lack of virtue.


The aftermath of the Planned Parenthood Woman’s Marches many people said they’d won. As with the purpose of the marches, no specifics offered on what had been won. The group that organized it is planning a General Strike.  As with the intent to march, they will strike no matter what the administration does. After all the God Emperor Donald ‘The Precedent’ Trump is unlikely to stop being a White Male, despite the examples given by the trans-racial trailblazing of Rachael Dolezal or Shaun King.

In the time since then the march seems more nonsensical. I continue to wait to be proven wrong. I would be glad to be proven wrong that these tantrums by confused and at times well meaning people are not just #FIRSTWORLDPROTESTS and symptoms of a general decay of decadence.

Here is the second part of a talk I had with Brett Veinotte of The School Sucks Project (SSP).  The effort he puts into trying to understand the issues and express them is admirable and it was an honor to have him take the time to talk to me. CLICK HERE FOR PODCAST


PART 1 of the Podcast

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