In Good Company?

I will #Resist.

Here is a message from Meetup.

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No longer that bothered by these, private companies and freedom of association, NAP etc etc. I actually encourage more companies and people to be upfront and honest about their beliefs. This is what needs to happen. If people have a mindset that is so antagonistic to reality it will seep into other fields. Let the companies hire the like minded people and have the other companies do so, see which works best. For too long have sensible people been propping up the insensible ones that they falsely thought were sensible.

I will #Resist making assumptions about this initiative. I’ll give first impressions about what they presented.



For Democracy : Paraphrasing : A good example of a democracy is a Lynch mob, there is only one dissenting vote. Good thing the United States of America and other great places are republics.


For women’s rights : Which rights to women have that men do not in the west? If there are some women have but men don’t will you advocate to take those away from them? If you say mention other places, how many #Resist groups are in those countries?


For Healthcare : This is not a right. It requires someone else to provide it. If you are the only doctor on an island of 50 people and everyone got sick at the same time, who has the biggest right to your services? The right answer is none of them. You’d be a bit of an asshat for not helping any of them, especially if they paid, but not healthcare is not a right. No matter how much you #Resist.


For Education : See above. This is more often not a case for being educated but schooled.This has happened because you no longer held education as somehtign worth concerning yourselves with. You pawned it off to other people who used it for their benefits. Read this about page for the School Sucks Project.  Why do you think so many children #resist being in school?


For equality : In and of what… equality of outcomes/results? Equality of opportunity is impossible. I don’t have the equal opportunity to write this post yesterday as I do today, since I had yet to see this email. Tomorrow I won’t be able to write what has been written but will have the new opportunity to edit it. I am trying to #Resist the realization that equal opportunity is just as fallacious as equal results. It doesn’t even sound good, everyone equal.


For human rights : Have you defined what a human right is? I see the separation of Women’s and Human rights and that women’s rights are Human rights. So which is it? Are they equal? In case you mean natural rights are you calling for the abolition of states or do you want to control state power in case anyone exercises a right to #resist your social contract?


For sustainability : Shall presume this is in an ecological sense. Anyone that would #resist the that the climate changes…I was thinking of something to say here, but WHO does? I can’t find one worth listening to. I do deny the conflation of catastrophic Anthropomorphic Climate Change with the changes in the global climate that we have instruments to finally test. It is a matter of degrees in more than one way. The world in general is cleaner today and improving by the day.

As for sustainability, things are not equal. How many of you sustain your cell phones for a year until the next model comes out? Ive sustained one in particular for 5 years, tho other one had its battery give out on me. Which is another key. When it comes to providing energy in a sustainable sense, as amazing batteries are they are not sustainable. This is a major handicap to many ‘green energies.’ Now what do you propose will improve this, more government programs?


For refugees: Try and #resist the urge to be the racist that I know you are. #NotAllMuslims are refugees of from the 7 countries that have people up in a tizzy about. The administration of previous Presidents especially the one many of you loved, compiled a list of risky countries. Donald “The Precedent” Trump just acted upon it. If you want to speak in general then who are they and why are they refugees? How will what they seek refuge form stop and when they’ll move back?  As for what refuge is, apparently 13 people can be helped for the same amount it costs to bring 1 refugee to the the USA if they just sent the money to safe zones (not spaces) close to or in the countries these people are fleeing. Have you considered the sustainability of these plans?

Maybe you did. I could be wrong. what if you are?

Pièce de Résistance

I did #resist asking myself if I was wrong in the past. The sort of world I saw that could lead me to be so wrong about so much was too horrific to countenance. I was wrong though.

I will #Resist jumping to assumptions. I first heard of Shia LeBeouf’s now shuttered, He will Not Divide Us project and thought it had potential to create well needed conversation. It created lulz and sadness. Projects, like most thing, are not equal. The detached nature and encouragement to just repeat a defeatist mantra may have sunk HWNDU and the opposite may male #Resist successful. I have met people that have enriched my life through Meetup. That this actually is more selective and has people meet in person may be a key to it being quite a good thing.

I faced my fears of being wrong and am now better equipped to manage reality. It would be horrible to imagine the world is as terrible as some of you clearly think it to be. The inability to make sense of things that seem out of ones control must be so nonsensical and ungainly to think of. Strength is built by working through things, not only limited to working out physically…let’s see if people meeting physically can work things out. Let’s see where #Resist goes.


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