A Maniacal Idol

milo is fascist mediaite.rantatonne.pngPicture from Tucker Carlson Faces Off With Guest Who Calls Milo Yiannopoulos a Fascist. Watch the video.

The morbastic part about Yvette Felcara and others that share her sentiment is they keep proudly going around and espousing these views. I wonder has she never seen an episode of his show? Once knew someone that participated in American idol tryouts explain to me how they get horrible singers to show up to the judging panel thinking they are as good as the best ones. Made sense why they’d wrongly think they were great singers. I don’t know what kind of sorcery is used for examples like this.

Moar Government!

This comes from habitual behavior that goes unchallenged. There is a loose description of insanity of it being the repetition of the same actions and expecting different results. This is what i see from many claiming more of what has not worked in the past will somehow change if it is just done in their way.

Insanity is not healthy. How about when we apply this insanity to matters for health? Lets have one group in charge of regulating everyone’s health, what could go wrong…a friend shared an article about a drug for a rare disease shooting up to $890,000 a year as and conceded that it was an example of regulatory failure.

My response was show me any regulation and it’ll work as an example

I kid, mostly. I don’t mind regulations just highly doubt their efficacy when coming from state institutions whose process and goals are questionable at best. A good suggestion is still have the FDA but not make it mandatory. If they truly have the best product and information then companies will make sure to have FDA approval. Or people will go to whatever regulatory board provides the best guidance.

Yvette Felcara is also the a product of a state ran institution. Don’t have to abolish the state, just open it up to competition. Wait… another example of the same thing happening for different reasons

I have the best friends.


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  • *Morbastic is a word I made for things that are morbid in a fantastic way. Make up new woerds, mash them together it’s fun.
  • Luv Tucker Carlsons expressions when his guests are speaking 😀
  • A master class in less than 10 minutes about how ms. Felcara and others find it so easy to throw around the term Fascist.

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