History of Cultural Marxism

I shall likely be using this term more of late. I already have in quite a few posts. A friend recently delved into the history of this cancer to civility.  An excerpt:

“What is Cultural Marxism? Where does it come from?”

Cultural Marxism as I’m sure one can infer from its name, was born out of the economic theory as developed by Karl Marx.

For those who need a brushing up; Marx believed that feudalism would lead to capitalism. Capitalism would create massive inequality between the rich and the poor. The workers would all rise up, and overthrow the hated “bourgeoisie” (the upper class). There would then be a “dictatorship of the proletariat” (the workers) which would ensure equality. Then that government would wear away and break down, and the world would be left with this utopian, egalitarian society. (Although, how and why government would break down and equality would be ensured was never clearly explained.)

Marx believed that this “workers’ uprising” would occur during a massive war. When World War 1 broke out, many Marxists were hoping that their time had come.

Clearly, it did not.

For the rest click here : Cultural Marxism: The origins of the present day social justice movement, and political correctness.

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