Read What You Read?

Ever read the word read and wonder if you read it right? So you go back and read what you read and discover it was read correctly as read the first time you read it?

Ive been spending time with my 2 year, 1 months and 5 day old nephew. Ive been with him the last 2 weeks after 6 months away. He was barely saying words and now is picking up new ones daily. Formulating sentences. He is mostly speaking English but has some Swahili and Italian vocabulary. I do not baby speak to him unless it is in an occasional clear play moment. It is breathgiving hearing him say words for the first time in his joyous and fanciful way. Such a blessing. His favorite words match some of mine “What is this?”

Go back and read that first sentence, would the second question you read make sentence if you read the first read as read?

My sister has been around him his whole life so can decipher some of his developing sentence structure. Hell say ‘Carry/Hold Bash’ (his nickname is Bash) when he wants to hold something, not when he wants to be picked up, as many sister clarified. I wondered if it was just case of English being an awkward language. It is one of the harder ones to pick up in adulthood.

Is it alright that we all write read when we meant read?

I love the language as much as you can love somehting unconscious. Love not luv or lurve as I sometimes use but as a friend said ‘The truth is… you don’t realize how messed up English grammar and vocabulary are until you learn another language. It isn’t Icelandic or anything but English does have it’s quirks.

This is an example of how important it is to take time and make sense of what you read

As expected my  Dear White Genocide video has ruffled some feathers. Expecting a negative reception I woke up and read this comment :

I couldn’t stand watching the video. I was filled with anxiety watching as you drove in the left lane. I’ll give a listen later, thanks for the post.

I liked the comment immediately appreciative they checked out the video, let alone commented and thanked me for it. Took some time to formulate a comment and realized that he literally meant driving on the left and not figuratively on the political left. How grand, literal people! This was my response :

hahah, yeah that is another of the British colonization hold overs. When I first read the comment I thought you may have been using it as a driving in the left political lane which I thought was a cool descriptor as well, may use it but the lines between left and right if there are dashed with a lot of space in between and people seem to liberally switch sides as they please (pun intended).

So much more to consider when publishing in that format. That added anxiety may even add to the topic matter. Thank you very much for the observation!

So much to consider when it comes to comprehension. Shall continue to try my best in both understanding others and being understood. It’s worth it.

Love this guy soooo much.


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