Expecto Sarcasm

Here is a video of Paul Joseph Watson thinking he is popular enough to be recognized by amazingly popular people as popular as amazingly successful author, J K Rowling, who despite all the patriarchy and female subjection has made millions from writing the amazingly popular and fantastic  Harry Potter fantasy series. It was supposed to be Henrietta potter but you know, Patriarchy. Same reason she abbreviated her name to J.K to hide her femaleness.

What is wrong with this man? Please stop expecting people that make a living making things up and saying things they don’t really mean to start doing things that reflect the things they say.

Paul Joseph Watson You are wasting your and other peoples times, Stahpiosa!



  • Merch store coming soon to sell some of these. Support me so i can pay for the fees when I get sued.
  • According to the Sketch below and info on this page Hermoine Granger may have been supposed to be most likely is not a white. Why is she white in the films? Well clearly J.K. Rowling is hiding that she is whatever Hitlers wife’s name was and Emma Watson is yet another privileged whitey appropriating her way to success on the backs of imaginary minorities.

I admittedly do not always shade my non white characters but…


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