Really Wonka

A friend recently made this eyeopening observation about a beloved film, same one I borrowed the How to Discuss Politics Online list from (Bet you are thinking that if they had a blog you’d likely be better off reading that, it hurts. Your calousness hurts…this is good though) :

I have come to the conclusion that grandpa Joe is the real villain in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

He’s a deadbeat who’s stayed in bed for 20 years and complains that Charley works too hard as a child. He then tells Charley that he’s going to win the golden ticket because he ‘deserves’ it. Which is obviously not how the world works.

So when Charley does win the ticket, he rises from his bed in song and dance like a true opportunistic parasite.

When they finally get into the factory they start to see other children die off because they steal and eat different top secret candy. Knowing this grandpa Joe pressures Charley to try Fizzy Lifting Drink and they almost die.

At the end Wonka informs Charley and grandpa Joe that they lose because they stole. They get nothing! Good day sir! Grandpa Joe then tells Wonka, that they’re gonna steal and sell the Ever Lasting Gob Stopper to another candy company. Charley rejects grandpa Joe’s idea and returns the candy to Wonka for the win.

This movie/story is basically about how Charley realizes his grandpa is an ‘A’ moral old leech who says that he deserves things even if they don’t belong to him. In spite of his grandpa Charley prevails and wins

Well put. I have the best friends, so talented.

Willy Wonka Comic Strip I created. Think the best Wonka is decided by which you saw first?



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