Debating Debate

The time for debate is over.


In a recent article that appeared on Slate, ‘liberals’ are encouraged to throw aside facts in favor for more useful weapon of emotions. I expected this as part of the ongoing flame wars. Many conservative sources have rightfully identified that their side was hampered by its inability to make emotional arguments. There is power in emotion as we are not soulless automatons. Noticing this and beginning to add emotions to facts has not only contributed to vast political gains but has pushed some me further into their emotive wheelhouses. So deep have they gone that even the echoes of their talking points will not be heard by those on the outside as anything other than a faint REEEEEEEEEEEEE

There are ways to identify what all involved define as sensible. If you only spoke English how much time would you spend debating with someone that only spoke Mandarin? You have limited time, it is worth spending it with people who value understanding you. Don’t jump off a fact parachute over a field with someone weilding emotions… There tends to be a never ending source for those and you will likely be buried under an avalanche.

I agree with he sentiments in the video and have been saying similar for a while. In effect both choosing to avoid those that do not value facts and electing to not use them result in the same situation of less debate.

Same thing happening for different reasons.

A poll that, unlike George Takei’s poll about trust in the media vs ‘The Precedent’ Trump, shall stay up no matter the results.

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 05.57.41.png

exactly how that went

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