Free to Hate Speech

Free speech is NOT hate speech.

The freedom to hate speech is what we build civilization on.

Have been spending time with my fabulous nephew, being with family and preoccupied with business plans. Between that and ramping up and beginning to create video as I have not been listening to as much as I once did. This video below, is fantastic.

Do you take speech for granted?

At 2 years of age my nephew often asks what things are, I find myself explaining things long taken for granted and finding joy in how he says a new word for possibly his first time. When it comes to a child, as adults you should limit some of what you say. Especially if it is not your child, but I do my best to discuss things in as much detail as is possible and repeat it as many times as he may ask.

Whose business is it to regulate speech?

I spend time with my adult family and have some uncomfortable reminders of all the things that go unsaid from the decades of having certain topics be off limits and the general social ‘niceties’ that constrain many of us. I know I cant tell my nephew everything even if I knew it all and am saddened at all I cannot tell others about everything I know. These are constraints we have between us. There isn’t some external body legislating that we must not speak, though depending on what you do say, why even speak?

Friendly Hate

Someone accuses me of being in a cult for sharing one of Stefans videos with them. Thought about it for a while, consulted with others then defriended them. If a cult is this pro free speech then I am swimming in it’s kool-aid and spraying hoses of it at anyone I care about. We all have limited time and I choose to not spend it on people whose understanding of reality is that far off from mine…If you hate what is said in the video below you should stop reading this blog.

Free Speech or Hate Speech

Would be great to hear what you thought of the video in the comments.

Thank Stefan Molyneux. Go to Freedomain Radio for more from this philosopher.


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