Cancer cells.

Man goes to see a doctor about an odd bump on his chest. Does the tests and it turns out To be tumor. Doctor begins to assure the man that there is nothing to worry about. After all the man has been in good health for most of his life and right now 99.99999% of his body is great. He is also male and this sort of thing tends to affect women so even less reason to care. Sure it may be growing but how big do these things really get?

I worry about how many are collectivizing things lately. In the case of Sweden being ‘safe’ here is an anecdote. I lived a few kilometers away from where the Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi was*. I was safe in a bordering neighborhood that had not and has not been attacked by any terrorists, though my neighbors friend was shot in the leg. Most Swedes may be living in safe areas, just as most of Chicago is safe, while some parts are as dangerous as war zones. One has to consider added risks to those that already exist. Parts of your homes are dangerous. An Iron for instance, or a stove, can burn you. Does not mean you don’t take care about adding appliances or leaving them on.

View from the Inside

Beware of putting too much importance into ‘insider information.’ Sometimes a random person walking by on the street could tell the house is on fire while I sit in my room confidently writing about how safe it is.

When someone speaks of people being out of touch or in a bubble this is what they speak of. One can be surrounded by a positive environment as things slowly deteriorate around them. That environment can even increase in it’s insularity as everyone that can flees those negative places and comes to reinforce your positive space.

If I say someone has cancer and you would not accuse me of saying the whole person is cancer. There are issues stemming from migration into Sweden of people predominantly from of the Muslim faith and coming from the Middle East and Africa. #YesAllMigrants that come there for benefits and welfare instead of escaping hardship and warfare. #YesAllMuslims that believe Islam means submission not only for themselves but for all others. #YesAllMiddleEasterners and #YesAllAfricans that want to bring the same culture, belief and customs that made them leave the places they left.

Take your collective racism and hate elsewhere If you think that I mean all the people that migrate, claim to be believers of that religion, or are form those regions.



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