Lindsay Lohan : The Celebrity we need

She’s the celebrity the current year plus 2 deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hound her. Because she can’t take it. Because she’s not our ‘friend.’ She’s a visible target, a distant personality. Some 30 year old.

Good for Lindsay!

She has had it rough in a very public way and seems to be better. Am not a fan of a lot of what is in Islam but watch that video, she seems like a somewhat level headed 30 year old. Around 30 I was mentally dealing with some disturbing realizations.

Asked about her thoughts on converting to Islam from reading the Quran She said “I don’t want to speak on something I haven’t finished yet.” lovely lady. So though I read and defend Breitbart, for them to go with this headline…

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 11.16.54.png

I saw that and thought, ‘Oh great, what is she on about now?’ Islam of course, as nonracists know, is not a race. If she was profiled and claimed it was a race this would be an excellent example of how fallacious that argument is. tin foil hat time Lindsay may be a deep cover agent sent in to discredit social justice wailers and Islam.

So before posting it I go to read the article which opened with this

Actress Lindsay Lohan claims she was “racially profiled” by airport security in London for wearing an Islamic headscarf.

See those quotation marks? Tend to signify a verbatim quote right? Or is it akin to making quotation marks with ones fingers while speaking, how does one indicate scare quotes… english I scan the article to find the text. Nothing. I decide to watch the video. Nothing. This is shoddy click-bait. I expect better from this source. Quite a shame with this coming when Milo Yiannopoulos, who just resigned as Tech Editor, has been under what may be a well coordinated smear campaign over taking comments he made being taken in the worst context possible. After Ben Shapiro left the site due to Michelle fields exaggeration f her description of an incident. While being supportive of numerous comments by ‘The Precedent’ Trump that were and are still twisted to other peoples perceived benefit?

Sensationalism sure but fabrication no. My plan over at the Usual Jesters is to only include what the people say and have you read or hear it then decide what to make of it.

Shall still read Breitbart.

But please, remain the news source many need, but possibly do not deserve.



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Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 02.55.16.png

  • Lindsay Lohan was in Mean girls. For that I will always thank her.  Since I too moved for Africa during school I can relate to the movie which helped me…Nah I kid. I am Cis-male scum and have eyes. Movie was funny and had Much Hotness. Not only the aforementioned gingertastic Lindsay Lohan ‘pre the hard living she sees to I hope be finally over’ hotness. Also featured ‘Is that the Notebook chick? Because if so the Notebook chick is very hott but looks rather different in this contemporary setting’ Rachel McAdams. Neoteny personified Amanda Seyfried. ‘I still have a lingering crush on you and your mousy voice from when I was growing up watching Party of Five’ Lacey Chabert. ‘Alt Hotness’ of Lizzy Caplan who you really should watch in Party Down. Elder Hotness of Tina Fey before I knew her politics… (ah pre Trumpening times when celebs concentrated on entertaining)

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