Sporting defeat

More different things happening for the same reasons, both in the suspension and one parent who is interviewed. She is misinterpreted by some to have said are you teaching kids to lose and not be rewarded. Some assumed she was supporting the participation trophy habit and could have thought the news was skewing yet more narratives. She was introduced after ‘parents don’t agree’ and said it was wrong though possibly with English as a second language worded it awkwardly



The woman responds to criticism :


People continued though. Take time and overcome your biases. For a group that was decrying how to loose graciously I saw very few people admit to have been wrong about their estimation of this lady.

I get it, a loss is not fun. If you are happy losing then why were you competing to begin with? I actually am not against people not wanting to shake hands after a hard fought battle. Baring ill will against the winner is not what I am encouraging but neither should one necessarily be happy for them. Being wrong in a situation like this is different though.

Recently posted a video about abuse, and how this high profile case of it may make others stop normalizing it. I think the others decrying the abuse as horrible are doing so in that bearing ill will to someone that was winning over them rather than in an against the abuse stance. Now this is a situation where I would be glad to be proven wrong. If I were a betting man id be glad to loose that bet. I wish that this uproar could be due to a change in what they consider important and have an actual level of consistency.


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