Wonder Why you are a Single Parent?

This was shared in a Freedomain Radio Philosophy group I am a part of. Subject was issues listeners had with the host of the show, Philosopher  Stefan Molyneux. Someoen claimed that he often discussed the negative effects of single motherhood to the point of it being a ‘vendetta.’(this was from some while back and though I often ask before I post things others said, please excuse me on this case as I think a direct quote of what she said was worthwhile) :

The problem I have with bashing women in general is not bashing their fathers and society that created them. They aren’t helped to find a suitable mate, they aren’t put in sex segregated schools (used to feeling men are easily available), aren’t raised to focus on family and children, divorce is basically encouraged as “you go girl!”, and women now work for whatever bizarro reason in today’s society. Men should be fucking ashamed they can’t provide for their families alone, their daughters aren’t being guided towards stable husbands, and their sons not ready to provide for themselves and a family by 18. Men have been emasculated and the fall of women is secondary to this.

Plenty of shows I’ve listened to he is bringing up his mum. She sure sounds like a bitch, but its the tone of his voice full of hate, and all this single mother stuff. I agree its bad to plan to have a child without a man, but its unfair to say that single mothers in general are bad. I know plenty. It’s really hard for them. some has been dumped or tricked by their partners. none had kids planning to raise them as a single mother.

I feel that way too that he is being harsher for that reason. I would be interesting to see the statistics for how many women that listens to the show. I know hardly any other woman FDR listener. If he wants to get more female listeners he will have to admit its 50% the mans fault for single parenthood.

There you have it. Here is my response to it.

Yeah the lack of female response could be due to demographics of the group and listeners or some that disagree with it being a vendetta.. (still undefined)

There are some men coming from more of a manosphere angle, specifically MGTOW that say a main disagreement with Stefan is he is too hard on males responsibility. Too much of a traditionalist etc. As for what he has to do if he wants to get female listenership, I do not think he is making a concerted effort to get listeners on gender lines but just maintain a spread of philosophy. He knows it is mostly males listening and those males know single mothers do not immaculately conceive.

As for the 50% responsibility for single parenthood. Unsure if that was meant figuratively as I doubt it can  be supported objectively arrive at. Be it the number of forms of contraception available before and after vastly being in the favor of females to the general women being the deciding factor in initiation of intercourse and termination of pregnancy. Men propose and women dispose.

I think it is quite fair to say in general single parenthood is a bad environment for a child vs 2 parents. If 1 good parent is positive 2 is better. Now, single parent and a supportive extended family, then yay. 2 inattentive parents and no real extended community, boo. Many other combinations of this essentially saying children need care, time, attention energy and much more of which there are better ways to provide than as a single parent. That being said anecdotes and exceptions do negate generalizations.

Think of the single mothers you know and what steps they may have taken create a 2 parent household but failed*. Share this information. Could teach others.


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  • Widows and Widowers are not single parents that’s why they are called Widows and Widowers. Interesting thing about the term widow, it is quite more common that Widower which is shows how our diction and language is away of higher male mortality.

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