Abusive Comments

I am going to begin a series where I read conversations and comments on certain topics. Most will be my own but shall let others submit what they want. I have gained a lot from conversations online. Some of these may be beneficial to share in various ways such as learning new arguments and points to finding patterns that you or others may fall into.

What are the first topics going to be? Child abuse and abortion.

Why these two? Am trying to make sure to loose all potential viewers, listeners or readers?


I will try and do it in a way to keep people listening but have a personally need to do this. I was hit as a child and grew up thinking I would hit my children. I was of a different mind on abortion in the past before I knew much about the process. I was challenged by arguments and swayed by facts that others chose to present and make public. Not sure exactly how many times it was presented before I changed my mind, but I am sure it was more than none. I am doing this in a way as a penance for people I may have encouraged or even tacitly supported in carrying these things out.

If one child is hit less for thousands of adults that are put off by my videos then it is more than worth it. Other people may want to share things but are in a position where they are unable t speak out. I shall provide a platform for those, to share what they and others have to say about those that either are neverĀ  able to even speak or are too powerless to do so.

I do not intend to directly attack people but am going to be making the case for the immorality of the actions people chose to take. That being said many will take this personally as/and it is personal to me.

I shall include a disclaimer in the presentations. Here is an example:

Smoking cigarettes is bad for your health. Smoking does not make you inherently bad but does mean you have done a bad thing. Hitting children is bad for their health. Hitting does not make you inherently bad but does mean you have done a bad thing to them.

Shall try and formulate several simple and short analogies.

Thank you for reading, I have experienced trepidation about beginning this series for some time. I foresee being challenged by it but imagine it will bring more comfort and peace of mind.


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