Shame on the Swedes…

that enable this but thank them for providing unfortunate fuel to a brighter future.

A 14-year-old child bride from Syria came to Sweden and became pregnant with her husband, who is also her cousin. Now a Swedish court has approved of her marriage, because she appears “mature,” and for religious and cultural reasons.

The girl was married off to a cousin when she was only twelve years old. In Sweden, she has been placed with his aunt and her family.

More from the article :Swedish court approves of child marriage ** (Please check bottom for some clarification on story)

This disturbs me. Nothing relative about that.

I mentioned this in the video about Milo Yiannopolos’ comments on pedophilia and his abuse. Child brides were an issue in past generations of the western world and current ones of a few other locations. As the west has imported once historical diseases, such as tuberculosis cases increasing in the United States state of Minnesota…

Certain diseases and other strife created the environment for people to overcome it and create the wealth in both goods and quality of life found in western societies so many people want to live off of. Has created an environment where you don’t marry cousins or children. Those historical realities have also in Sweden created an environment where you invite people that do it, support and support it financially and legally.

These may be current evolutionary stressors to test certain cultures and people. Enough people were outraged by this to take the case to court. Enough people were still ‘peaceful’ enough to abide by a governmental system that continues to be less and less representative of the population. In the end better folk will rise from them. I do not expect it to be world war levels of carnage but this has to come to a head.

The Coverup

I was at a playground today and saw some interesting things. There were what I would assume are Muslim children brought in to play. By heights I would assume they were between 5-10. The boys were dressed in western clothes and the few girls were in hijab. They seemed to be playing just like anyone else would but I seriously wonder, what is the reasoning behind having girls that young wear Hijab?

My 2 year old nephew doesn’t pick his clothes. He has several and could choose from the options but it’s still his folks choice in what he has. So when does it become his choice? For those that say women wear Hijab by choice (of which I’ve argued in the past Muslim Women forced to cover up due to Hijab!) How much of a choice is it really if they’ve been dressed in it from exiting infancy? If you still speak your first language was that a choice you made?

The Map Down Under

Nest is a minor one, this map pictured below. So used to seeing the Americas on the left of the maps. I have been posting some videos which show cars driving on the left of the road. A few have commented on how disorienting that is for them. I grew up traveling between countries that drove on either sides so I did not notice it much, but I have grown up being quite focused on Maps, so this was an notable change. Have you seen maps of this sort often?


I prefer this map. Australia looks more a part of the world here.

  • Just more examples of different things happening for the same reasons.
  • Someone added an explanation of a source that shows the article I posted may be sensationalized.>
    >>>- We assume the child best, and what is then in her best? Assuming that it is not certain that she will stay in the country – is the best time to place her in an ethnically Swedish family that does not have her background, religion, traditions? Or that she may live in a place where she feels safe, where her language, culture and religion is shared? says Malin Toivainen.
    “The UN says on the contrary that early marriages are among the most insecure that can happen to a girl, how do you see it?”
    – I have no other view. Children are children. Children will be children. But now we have a situation to deal with. The man should be in accordance with the social services investigation and stay elsewhere. Then this is the best option. It’s not a case of administrative law sanctioning child marriage.
    No, Swedish courts of law are not allowing child marriage. the court just reverted a “tvångsomhändertagande” and deemed it was better for the family to help her than the social care. In the US, this would’ve been described in terms of “It’s better for her to be in the care of her relatives than costing society money in foster care”… So yeah, Speisa just reporting false shit as per usual<<<
    good to see that it is not as bad as first thought. Still unfortunate for those involved but…
  • Thanks to  Black Pigeon Speaks for the initial story (some horrific but important info in this video) Neo-Nazis, Getting Fingered in Public & the Fall of Sweden
  • Some more on my thoughts on Evolution : Survival of the Fittest : Science Without Animorals


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