Evil Dalia

This a tan Dalia? Is this just another What the Florida stories? Woman tries to have her husband killed in 2009. Police find out then go into an elaborate ruse to film catching her.

Takeaways  :

  • I have been right to mistrust anyone that says they are over 100% sure about anything.
  • Florida police are staffed by many former actors.
  • Never get married, all women want to kill you.
  • Love is still one of the most abused words.
  • Liposuction is potentially deadly.

Why not just arrest her once it’s found out. Do they really have the tie and money to be setting up a crime scene like this? Maybe the place is peaceful enough that they won’t be missed elsewhere. I have apprehensions about some entrapment. For example with prostitution. What if you had decided never again. You are on the way t a therapist and want to drive by your old spot one last time. Then a cop comes and entraps you?

In the law You are charged with trying to solicit sex but since the police had no intention of exchanging sex for money then they are not charged.

Here is the first part.

Takeaways  :

  • Dalia still isn’t better at crying.
  • Hillsong is Murda Muzik.
  • Faith will set you free.
  • Instant chemistry is aka known as an explosion should be avoided.
  • The way she starts her relationships is as thought out as the way she ends them.

As you see she is still not in jail. First two videos were found on a Men Going Their Own Way channel, as more prof fr why one be wary of relationships with women. Agreed, be wary of relationships everywhere. She claimed it was an act. To get famous. I thought the entire thing was staged when watching it. Well she is famous, here I am adding to that fame. She could be an outright psychopath. This whole thing is a mess. Police wanting fame? Why should the police be able to outright lie to people?

Would we be giving this the time of day if she did not look and sound as she does?

Dippolito has a child now…

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 19.30.38.png


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2 responses to “Evil Dalia

    • Don’t use baby Jebus’ name in vain. Yes all women everywhere want to kill me. Even my mom, sister, best friend, my married friends, my single friends that I advise to find a good man to marry. All of them. Oh wait no, women are actually different people so if some like Dippolitto want to kill this one specific guy maybe it doesnt mean that they all do. Wow

      🙂 Thanks for reading though.


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