Did you Steal That Sunshine?

So much whinging from many about mostly Hip Hop music creating songs from parts of other songs. I personally do not like copying things even when learning how to draw, but it is done. When it comes to sampling more than often there is an expansion of the song into something else. Not to mention the ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,’ ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ and ‘why reinvent the wheel’ aspects.

I was infatuated with this song for a while in the 90’s and crushing on the female singer. Steal my Sunshine by Len

Was reminded by it when this song ame up on my iTunes shuffle. More, More, More by Andrea True Connection.

The Len song came out relatively pre-internet, the Andrea True Connection song was part of a One hit Wonders album and they pulled a beat change into an entire song, but that doesn’t entirely cover why Hi[ Hop gets such a bad rap for this industry wide practice.

People tend to be deaf to music in their preferred genres doing the same things they damn others for. They say X artist has stolen from Y song that I like, discounting the fact that the song you like may have been created by your favorite artist buying the use of the track from some producer you may or may not have heard of.

There are entire albums of SoCa music where one beat is given to several artists who create their own songs on it. Are they stealing from each other? If the original creator of the song has sold and paid the rights to a beat are the contemporary artists thieving?

No they are not. Quidditch your whinging and listen to the song or not. Sorry if you thought you were so special you had found this one unique sound that was also found by one specific musician and their other tons of fans but especially special, oh-so-special you. The fact you liked the beat on the initial song is likely why it was good enough for someone else to want to sue it again.





likely most that complain about sampling also do not have or like kids that much.
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