Historical Pigotry

Can you imagine the person you were trolling on twitter and other social media becomes the President of the country you live in? What if it is the most powerful country in the world? People catch feelings from passing comments by randoms on isht they are no even directly involved in.

Here is an example; You like something you saw and want to go to the comments to say so. Scrolling through someone says how inane the show is pointing out something you may have noticed but didn’t make much of. WHAT, WHAA, WHHAT? ARE YOU SAYING I AM INANE! THE GALL!!!! Things like this can have people salty for days or weeks.

Tuesday 28th of February, Rosie O’Donnell was saltmining in a somewhat ‘unhinged’ state. Why would anyone expect otherwise? Think about how excited people get a minor shout-out. You’ll be at a concert and the person you paid to come see rattles off how awesome the place you happen to live in is just as they likely have in every other place they’ve been and will be to but you still get that rush. Senpai recognized me! We like attention, crave it. It makes perfect sense as evolutionary the child that did not gain attention of their parental figures could stand to be abandoned to a horrid fate.

Whats the inverse of this joy? Not quite being ignored but possibly infamy. Disapproval.

Thought of this when I saw President Trump said this about Nancy Pelosi “I think she is incompetent, actually” This isn’t news to me but now it is News. Her leadership of the party as it lost so much ground speaks for itself. Pelosi like O’Donnell were not hiding some of these things well or undeserving, but when put on blast like that. Errrybody knows. Just like the comment about the absurd plot-hole in the show that the random accurately points out that actually was something you should not have ignored…The God Emperor of these United States singled her out as a pig. Good lord, the Mariana trench amount of salty tears she must be crying. That Trump – Kelly exchange diffusing the sexism charges will likely go down in museums. What can Rosie do to possibly trump that position of infamy in history?

‘Only Rosie O’Donnell.’ The man doesn’t lie. He even clarified that the first charge of fat pigs was only to O’Donnell. The Madman! She is larger and if male many would be far more comfortable calling the things she says piggish. Was this one of the first times he decried Political Correctness? Cripes O’Donnell may Be on the Tombstone of Political Correctness. Ah wait I have time and art skills. Shall whip that up for you. For now Links.




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