I Wish Obama Didn’t


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There are two apt and what may seem like contrasting quotes about politics. One warns you to pay attention to politics lest you be ruled by inferior people and the other which actually confirms the premise of the first is that the two things you do not want to see made are hotdogs and laws.

Some may be rejoicing that the democrats and their ilk are continuing to flounder into the abysmal depths of depravity never to contest for any major political power for elections to come if not generations. I understand that. Especially in light of how mercilessly they have been chomping at every bit they can no matter how improbable it may be. I am a bit apprehensive though.

A number of ex-Obama officials appear to suggest that the Obama administration may have actually wiretapped the Trump campaign, but that if they did it would have been justified by a court and part of an investigation by the Justice Department—not led by or ordered from the White House or the former president himself.

via Non-Denial ‘Denial’: Obama Response to Trump ‘Wiretap’ Claim Raises More Questions – Breitbart

What happens after this? What happens if it turns out this was done?

This reminds me of the Clinton e-mail scandal. the private server was not just her incompetence but indicated a system so rife with rot and decay that it should scare you. I liken it to flying in a plane in the middle of the night, looking at all the dials and thinking everything is entirely okay, only to find out there is a leak in the fuel, 3 of 4 engines have gone out and all the instruments in the cockpit are just randomly displaying whatever their misscalibrated programing wants to.

What may even be worse is when you tell the other passengers on this flight, finding out which ones will just pretend like nothing at all is the matter. I may not know the limited things we can do about the problems, but for sure, pretending there is no problem is not one of them. You don’t get angry at a baby for not trying to help you with your daily burdens, they don’t know better and can do little, but those that tell you to smile as someone is choking you…

The former president could have intentionally been behind the wire tapping. For motive look no further than Washington D.C. where he is living in a mansion minutes away form the Whitehouse, setting precedents of his own for presidential behavior before during and after holding the position. No matter the reasons why he did it, as it is unlikely going to have been illegal, it is the morality of it. What if he did not know about it? Not just the pass the buck deniability inherent in bureaucracy but and outright people using the power of his office without his knowledge. Does this expose him as a puppet? I have been telling people that the executive of the USA has for years been more of a spokesperson, mascot or figurehead for the government, not even selecting what tie they wear daily let alone what actually happens but Obama purported to be quite hands on. His fans have claimed he was one of the most effective and personable ones ever. Observers have accurately pointed out many executive powers he increased. So there is the mismatch of him owning what people and he consider good but being completely unaware or uninvolved in all the bad. And bad there was.*

I shall be following this, but unlike the sort that jumped to hope the worst about Trump, such as the salacious Russian hotel room filth…well I think they are looking for any reason to justify their hate, but for me…the only thing I would rather less than having people of such low character and lack of morals be as potentially powerful as they may be, is having them and not knowing.

Realizing how many only selectively care about these things was worse when I was surrounded by more of that sort. Thankfully with each exposure of these people I find that I am around fewer people I must be wary of each time. Thank you to old friends and new that have principles that they live by and try and apply universally.

The rest of you Zombiecrats, hypocrites, relativists, Social Justice Whinner types and the like. Thank you for continuing to raising your hands and make it easier to hand you a hall pass out of my life.

  • *United in States of Denial : History will likely judge Barack Obama as one of the worst Presidents of the United States
  • President Trump Did Not Lie : Man does not lie anywhere close to as much as his detractors say, but as a supported I would not mind him being wrong about this.
  • End of Borecracy : Beuracracy is  a bore but politics is a horror.


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