Freidman Vs a Socialist

A short exchange here between Milton Friedman and Micheal Harrington. First ti is lovely to see such cordial debates and exchange of ideas.

Harrington mentions that the American labor disputes were the bloodiest in history. As mentioned in the American Horror Story : Aztec video, this may be more a situation of the Americans just having a far better record of what went on in addition to there actually being the situation to strike and otherwise organize for perceived improvement in conditions. When you are in a country that has most living hand to mouth with a vast majority still involved in farming, serfdom or worse then do you even have the ability to form a picket line and risk getting hosed down for your troubles?

When you hear some arguments think of their premises. Some arguments aren’t really even apples to oranges. This is a case of figuring out the optimal schedule for watering your apple orchards to a dried orange seed in the middle of an dessert.

Friedman ends with more of these unheeded warnings about how raw a deal social security will be for those at the time entering the system.

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