Women are Worth Your Time

Posted this proof that girls are evil a decade ago.


Ah, young me had some jokes. Wise ones but jokes none the less. I have been enriched by earned experiences  and information gained since. Now i’ll analyze the joke and hopefully have it still be funny to you after. You have been warned.

Boys and Girls Can’t be Friends

There is some wisdom in that oft repeated warning. I have listened to it and it has applied in some senses and not in others. Some of my best friends have been and still are female. When I a boy they were girls. Now as a man, they are women. When it comes to the romantic sense though, and I think this goes beyond semantics, a main problem is people continue looking for boyfriends and girlfriends. Stop. This is grown folk stuff, boys and girls can not be this kind of friend. We know this innately as it even shows in the admonition of platonic friendships between genders. You can’t be friends with the girl because you’ll likely want to be more.

I look back at girls I was friends with. If they were not cool would I want to be friends with them? Now if they are cool and physically attractive why was I not interested in dating them? Sure you don’t want to be with every person you talk to or appreciate but I could have dated some of them. In many cases I was oblivious to my feelings, In some I was fearful of the rejection due to several things including low self esteem and in others just missed chances, in others I ignored them. We do say this though, that girls and boys can’t be friends, sure as hell can’t be friends with privileges. Once you initiate that level of physical intimacy you begin to see the person in a different light. Either you will consider someone able to maintain that divided a relationship as not really worthy of a friendship or you will begin seeing them as a man or woman that you do not want to share with others and…

And therein lies the crux of the issue. Dating and relationships are for creating boys and girls. Not for being with boys and girls. You find a man or woman to mate with. I propose the terms malmate and femate instead of boyfriend and girlfriend. Ok I’ll work on that term but I will continue to dislike using boyfriend and girlfriend. Looking for a potential mother there, and girls shouldn’t be mothers nor should boys father children.

A Woman’s Worth

Ladies and gentlemen likely do not need to hear this but many girls, boys, women and men do. It sure took me some time to fully grasp this. Someone spending money and time on you is not a bad thing if you are worth it. Men is you want to have children, if you to start a family, find women willing to bare your children and share in raising them; that are worth taking your time to make and spend money on. Women if you want to have children, if you want to start a family, find a men willing to provide for your children and share in raising them; Become the sort of person that any time and money spent on you would be completely worth it. You should not begrudge your parent for spending time and money on you. In a friendship between adults you choose to spend time with and money on friends.

This is not easy, but it is also not hard. It does take effort though. Remember, you do not have to engage in these engagements. You can remain in the dating game, stay in the realm of boys and girls with the show me yours, I’ll show you mine level of depth and curiosity without caring for why you’d even want to see theirs, or why they don’t have yours. Or why putting them together feels as it does, but enough innuendo.

Had a conversation recently with my bff. She expressed how glad she was to have found a mate. I am glad for her as well. As our mixed gender best friendship is unusual we discussed her trying to better get to know more women in her circles. She was seeing what dynamics of the relationships are, actually testing the bounds and defining the terms. I noticed it as Nesting behavior and we discussed how once you find that worthy mate, you want to improve yourself constantly. Told her how I was doing certain things as an investment for a potential future mate. You start searching out those people in your life. What relationships you have, what location you are in, what did you do in the past and how does the future look. Adult things.

Politics of Parenting

Parenting is how life comes to exist. There are different levels of involvement in parenting of course. You can be a sperm donor for conception or gestate a child to birth and have nothing else to do with the life you created and still technically be called a father or mother. I consider this base to be the equivalent of the girlfriends and boyfriends that are respectively riding and equipping the cock carousel, that so many imagine to be what dating is about.

Instead of attempting some new descriptor like malrent and femrent i’ll offer this:

Sperm banks don’t require any direct male action to conception and females in comas have been able to give birth. These are biological processes.

We don’t give accolades for breathing, nor do we talk about how brave and praise worthy every reproductive act of every living being since the beginning of life is. No matter how magically fantastic it is ’tis still essentially innate. That if is so fantastic is why we as humans should put more care into it. The process doesn’t just begin during mating or post coitus, let alone after the birth. At a genetic level we engage in it from our early years when we see the adults around us that were successful at reproducing, calculate what we need to do to continue living by pleasing our primary care givers, and quite often search out that very environment and personality types we saw growing up.

This is why it is of the utmost importance to take care in who you choose to be a parent with, what the people around you are doing, what the political climate is and much more. Resources are needed you should discuss who much and who will provide what where and when. Should know each others friends and see who will be a part of the family. It is sad how often you hear something like ‘I want to peacefully parent but my spouse hits our children and  I don’t know what to do.’ Shows h0w low boyfriend and girlfriend tends to be on the things discussed. Talk about adult issues, surround yourself wiht worthy men and women and strive to be that man and woman that your mate will find entirely worth their time.

  • Tomo-chan wa Onnanokko! Great manga Tomo Aizawa was able to successfully confess to her crush Junichirou Kubota. There is only one problem:
    He just sees her as his buddy. He even thought that she was a boy until they went to middle school together, because her grade school was in a different school district. So, Tomo-chan’s struggle for Jun’s affection begins. (Read from right to left)

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 18.46.34.png

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  • “So you think Money is the root of all evil?” If you know what this line is from and you are female, and single, and not a girl, message me or eave a comment ASAP, you are worth at least getting to know 🙂
  • Wonder Why You Are Single? I have made mistakes and trying to make less. Others out there are trying as well.
  • This song because I really shouldn’t have to explain why I’m playing it so I won’t but just listen. So ‘it’.


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