Are You a Hip-Hop Snob

This is a repost about of a blog about hip-hop snobbery that could be translated to general snobbery. Great read, do check it out. Here is a sample.

Everybody knows Pac and Biggie are the greatest rappers of all-time because…., well, they just are! This is another symptom of our tendency to fetishize 1990s hip-hop. We conveniently forget that 2Pac was not exactly always the most conscious level-headed rapper, he was quite the hot-head. Our amnesia doesn’t allow us to concede that Biggie was pretty polarizing — I mean many hated Puff Daddy and Bad Boy records for being openly commercial and therefore “ruining” hip-hop with their sampling, sing-a-long choruses, glitter, new cars, and chains.

Read more here The Insidious Forms of Hip-Hop Snobbery


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