What the Turk?

On April 16th, 2017, Turkey will hold a referendum on “constitutional changes” which would grant Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan additional authority. The Netherlands and many European countries have significant Turkish populations who are eligible to vote in the referendum and Erdogan’s design to campaign in those countries has led to a significant diplomatic crisis.

After Turkish riots overtook Dutch streets, the Netherlands government has withdrawn permission for Turkish officials to campaign in the country, citing “risks to public order and security.” Erdogan has threatened harsh sanctions and even alluded to war over these measures – all mere days away from the Netherlands own parliamentary election.

Haven’t been watching as much of my subscriptions and other sources of info but what in the what Turkey? Also please Europeans, like your countries at least as much as others like to come there and take them over. Please? I like the taken over versions I have been to.

This outburst by the Turks is seems , well it seems I’m looking a gift-horse in its mouth. the blunders some people seem to be making out of hubris is all too fantastic.  Hillary Clinton having ran one of the worst campaigns in years to the unfortunate but elucidating 2 explosions in Sweden following the public outcry at The Precedent Trump expressing dismay about the status of Sweden and many other things. It’s happening. Things had to be this grim for there to be this kind of glut and fail from so many in the establishment for it become lazy and indolent enough to be toppled.

Come on those that built, love, cherish and want the continuation of western civilization. Take it its yours!

And all it takes is still votes and talks.

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Transition from using Turkey as food to….


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