Sounds of Samples #2

In Did you Steal That Sunshine? I discussed how many songs are sampled and this isn’t in one specific genre. Shall post of different versions of songs in the Sound of Samples series. May include ones that I think failed to do justice to what came before but likely keep it positive.

Dance with my Father by Luther Vandross

Dance With My Father by Celine Dion

Some cases it is an outright tribute to the original. This is such a case. Both moving and beautiful renditions. This is a case where the song works sang by either gender. I have had that issue singing some songs for example if it is a love song speaking about how great it is to be held in your man’s arms. Lovely song though. It is grand to see fathers being depicted in this light. It is more than the biological process, fatherhood is the experience and choices one makes. The lives you enrich.

Used the same lyrics written by Luther Vandross and Richard Marx. Celine Dion’s distinct accent comes through as per usual. Different things happening for the same reasons.


Back when I was a child
Before life removed all the innocence
My father would lift me high
And dance with my mother and me
And then
Spin me around ’till I fell asleep
Then up the stairs he would carry me
And I knew for sure
I was loved

If I could get another chance
Another walk
Another dance with him
I’d play a song that would never ever end
How I’d love love love
To dance with my father again

When I and my mother
Would disagree
To get my way I would run
From her to him
He’d make me laugh just to comfort me
yeah yeah
Then finally make me do
Just what my mama said
Later that night when I was asleep
He left a dollar under my sheet
Never dreamed that he
Would be gone from me

If I could steal one final glance
One final step
One final dance with him
I’d play a song that would never ever end
Cause I’d love love love to
Dance with my father again

Sometimes I’d listen outside her door
And I’d hear how mama would cry for him
I’d pray for her even more than me
I’d pray for her even more than me

I know I’m praying for much to much
But could you send her
The only man she loved
I know you don’t do it usually
But Dear Lord
She’s dying to dance with my father again

Every night I fall asleep
And this is all I ever dream

Which version do you prefer? Wonder if it changes depending on your gender, I imagine it may more if you have unfortunately lost your father.


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