When Sex Doesn’t Sell

Sex sells. This is tried and true. We like looking at attractive people and they can charge us to do that. Though not gender specific just thing males are more vocal about this urge. So if sex does sell how do you explain when it doesn’t…even when it’s free.

The reviews are in: “Amy Schumer: The Leather Special” is a dud.

At the start of her routine, Schumer explains why she decided to wear a tight, leather ensemble: “Every comic has one moment where they wear leather and they regret it. This is my moment!”

She was right.

via ‘Horribly Unfunny’: Amy Schumer’s Netflix Special Gets Trashed With One-Star Reviews

When Boston plow truck drivers get to work clearing snow during tomorrow’s big storm, they’ll have some help—from Pornhub.

Pledging to assist anyone who “wants to get plowed,” the adult entertainment site says it is sending out a fleet of branded trucks to clean the city’s streets and parking lots for free.

via Pornhub Says It Will Plow Snow in Boston for Free

What can we learn from this relatively free comedy special and apparent free services from a company with a product that always sells?

Have written about Amy Schumer before and her decline continues. She focused too much on appearances and little on content. Yes, others wore leather, but what were they doing while they did it? Being hilarious. They made fun of Presidents, spoke about race ,  had sexual raunchy content, and were critical of private security services. They just happened to be wearing leather. So content wise not entirely alien. Was it that they are males? Well as many you support and repeat seem to say, women and minorities are equally disadvantaged… You may have been wearing similar things but you were doing different things.

As for Pornhub how excellent for free plowing to be offered by a company whose content is free plowing? Whomever was in charge of this marketing should be given a hand. It’s good that they aren’t jut out on the streets willy-nilly resulting in children asking elders what porn is, but why is it free? Sure they’ll get the advertising but it’s not like you’ll go to the site and pay. Well you will go to the site. Search for what you want and they’ll keep extensive statistics on the search terms. Why? All the better to sell you my dear. You are the product. If they aren’t selling sex they are using it as bait to sell you.

Sex does sell but you’ve got to have that appeal. Ms Schumer has lost most of what ever appeal she did have. This has likely been aided by her vocal and derisive nature in many fields. If she was truly against the sexualization why bare the shoulders? This isn’t an age thing either I have seen research* showing that MILFs (elder maternal women one may be hope to fornicate with) are quite a popular choice. Ah there may be an Oedipal part of that though with the love and care that the person was missing due to many parents unfortunately having some of Schumer’s expressed personality traits.

And there we have it again, content. It isn’t just the appearances. I can attest to having been dumbstruck, literally speechless, by some fantastically beautiful looking people. Mostly by eyes. Fantastic, clear, large, expressive eyes that are the Neotony personified, or is it occularfied, have been known to take my breath away. In many cases once I got to know the person the feeling subsided. The answer to the question of if they were a great person that happened to look great trumped the mostly unearned genetic physical features…

Not What It Looks like

As I am on the topic of appearances, in an article about ‘the Precedent’ Trump administration cutting billions in funding to the United Nations this was said.

“…signaling an unprecedented retreat by President Donald Trump’s administration from international operations that keep the peace, provide vaccines for children, monitor rogue nuclear weapons programs, and promote peace talks from Syria to Yemen, according to three sources.”

You doth protest too much.

This convenient reasoning is similar to the one made when advocates say all taxed money used to fund Planned Parenthood goes to everything besides anything related to abortions. That is not the way funding works. If you pay me $200 and I add it $200 I already had on hand, then go spend $100 on something you disagree with. How sure are you that your money didn’t fund that expenditure? Even if you deposited the money into my bank account and used I used $100 from the cash I had on me, are you honestly going to state that your $200 had nothing to do with whether or not I did X thing?

Let’s give Planned Parenthood and the United Nations the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say they can prove the money the US government decides to keep from it’s own tax livestock would not have gone to conferences hosting literally who about literally anything. Who says they can provide the best services they claim are positive and worthwhile? Where is the case made that those should be done by them? Do they have a track record that makes you confident they should be given said responsibilities? I once used to think the UN was not effective because of the lack of connectivity in the world be it cultural or technological. Said with modern advances it may finally be able to become what it purported to be. I was wrong, modern advances came because it was failing if not enabling many of the things it claimed to be against.

As stated before if a service is wanted people will want it and someone will provide. It may be of interest for a company like PornHub to provide sexual education courses. It’s likley more beneficial to relationships to have any extra sexual needs served online than with other people. Would increase the market share for Pornhub and could take way some of the stigma.

People like and want sex, they also like and want to laugh. You don’t need to to fund an agency for that.  When Schumer was funny we laughed…well now she isn’t funny some still do laugh at her. Amy Schumer may think the world would end with Trumps win. I hope she realizes it won’t, she decided not to leave for Spain let’s hope she doesn’t choose more a permanent departure. Some comedians have unfortunately been known to be suicidal, when things appeared much better than they do for her.

Remember though, just because it looks like something is ending doesn’t mean it will completely. If someone put together a live-action film based on the Archer animated series, she’d be a great Pam Poovey. Could have her career bounce back. Though she’d have to put on weight for the not hooked on cocaine version. So you’re saying shed likely have to stop doing drugs she probably does to play this? oh wow maybe she is Pam. When an issue such as snow comes a private company can offer a solution that is comparative or surpasses what is done by the public sector and taxed funding. Though some things can be salvaged some were never that worthy to begin with. It may just be time for certain institutions , practices, expectations and plans to be rolled back or shuttered.


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