Unsure She said What He Said

Some weeks back during the Milo Yiannopoulus scandal involving his being a victim of and then making light of child abuse a friend posted this

These sort of things are why I’ve been so critical of the Left.. Lena Dunham openly admitted to molesting her sister, George Takei happily talked about being taken advantage of by an older man, and Roman Polanski was convicted of it and ran away.

.. And yet, only Milo gets criticized.

with this link : Bill Maher condoned Sex between an Adult and a Minor

The friend (Stephen from here on) had others chime in on his comment and I (Silas from here on) decided to engage one (Clarissa).

What initially started as a sarcastic engagement turned into quite a long conversation that was instructive to me and may be to you. Shall post this in a several parts with only slight spelling corrections. Shall keep it free of commentary but may have a post at the end to mention some observations. The main one could be what may be some major gender based differences in how we communicate as I went over in the Babel of the Sexes.

Here is the conversation starting with an image of STK’s original comment.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 23.35.36.png

Clarissa : Another, “well, they did it to.” Come on Steve, your above this.

Stephen : See below. (this was posted below : Scott Adams’ argument that pointing out hypocrisy on the other side doesn’t work, and I’m starting to believe him)

Silas : Come on Stephen. Go high Stephen. You are better than this. I don’t expect this from you. How can you just sit there and point out inconsistencies. Come on man? Be better. You are better. Believe in the me that believes in you!

Clarissa : It’s not about pointing out inconsistencies, it is about not addressing the current situation, not defending the current situation by saying someone else did it. If you were criticizing Milo and pointing out the past then I see your point. The problem that the right and left are in such a constant battle your not condemning Milo your giving him a scapegoat. Just like the Muslim ban, “Obama did it,” instead of speaking out about the injustices. Trump mentions “what happened in Sweden LAST NIGHT,” everyone is looking for crime stats in Sweden instead of condemning Trump for making THAT SPECIFIC statement he got from a Fox News segment. See my point. Point out the inconsistencies, but also speak out about what is bringing upon those inconsistencies. Not just the latter

Stephen : I’m not defending Milo’s remarks. I understand that it was his way of coping with his trauma, but it also is the kind of stuff that gives pedophiles/sexual predators justification for what they do.

My point was that the people like the ones I mentioned above don’t get the same level of criticism hurled at them because they follow the “socially acceptable, politically correct” belief system. So they get a pass.

The timing is also suspicious.. these videos have been out for a year or more now.. Why wait till now to talk about them?

Seems like a political hit job to me…

Stephen : That last point also coincides with my post about Salon taking down those articles sympathetic to a pedophile.

Clarissa : You only pointed out liberals, but there was more backlash from conservatives. You didn’t name one. The timing was suspicious, I believe it was a conservative agenda so he wouldn’t speak at the CPAC. There are many on the right that can not stand him or what he believes in. You said you were not defending him, but I didn’t hear you criticize him either. Hypocrisy is alive and well on both sides

Clarissa : He does not follow the “socially acceptable, politically correct” belief system of the right that’s why I believe it was not liberals sabotaging him

Silas : She is right Stephen. At all times if there is a situation you cant speak of a specific part to it. Please also don’t ever just mention some people when there are others on other sides too. Must be entirely fair and general in all you say. Clearly this is just the conservatives making up for being upstaged but the UC Berkley situation. See they already didn’t want him to talk, but they just waited to release this info that had been out for a year. In fact if you think about it this is probably what the Berkeley protest was about.

Stephen : Yes and no.. I felt like he was gaining traction with the mainstream younger audiences, which is what the Right has been failing at for decades now. Someone like Rush Limbaugh hadn’t done that.

However, much of what he said was clearly just to be provocative, which alienated more of the “Old Guard” as it were.

Clarissa : His statement about giving good head because of “father Michael” was to be provocative, but his statement about older men being a necessity for young gay men around 13 or 14 was not “clearly to be provocative” it was because he believes that it is a part of growing up gay. It may not be under the definition of pedophilia, but it is still child abuse. There are many associations that are trying to push this agenda and make it legal. How can you allow a 14 year old girl to marry a grown man in this country, but not allow 13 or 14 year old boys to be with older men. Look it up, this is an agenda that is trying to be pushed by these perverts.

Clarissa : As far as protests, both sides pay protesters, so you can’t say if they were real or paid by the right…who knows anymore

Silas : Even further which you may know, Clarissa, is his knowledge of Hollywood parties where these abuses were taking place. I expect many from those circles are also interested in his downfall. The last 2 years have shown that this isn’t a simple case of left vs right, liberal vs conservative however you define those terms. I nor Stephen disagree with how horrendous the practice is. Your initial comment was disingenuous to his comments and indicative of certain tactics used to obfuscate issues. Where at all in his comment did he state that because these other, likely themselves broken by abuses people said or did what they did that it minimizes what Milo did?

Done for now. As you can see I was still somewhat flippant and dismissive in my responses as I imagined her to be arguing for the sake of it. This is also where Stephen left the conversation and as good a place as any to cut off and come back to in the next part.



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