Abortions for Everyone

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When Planned Parenthood says abortions aren’t just for women… well there are several readings of this. I have been quite vocal about my disdain for Planned Parenthoods part in…well a lot. Gut reaction can be to dismiss as inanity but I thought there was some ‘reasoning’ to why  some may and went to comment as much. not touching intersectionality on the identifying as a woman or trans people.

The first comment had some of what I had in mind so and went as such:

Of course they are not just for women!  They are what allows men (NO; not “men” but gutless irresponsible males) to spew sperm at will, and if someone they knock up wants them to help raise a child, they tell her “nope; you can take care of that and if you don’t it’s ALL on you – your choice!” and waltz off into the sunset.

Correct. Unfortunately they reason that it also benefits males. Males and not “men” as stated. This isn’t shaming language rather than calling things by their proper name.  Some male humans are men but not and all men are male humans. I have gone to naming things as they are and using males and females in lieu of men, women, father, mother, boy, girl etc that are more descriptive of the persons behavior, in addition to ones age, responsibility and status.

I consider it a title that implies agency. As mentioned in  Is Any Woman Worthy this identifier is not something either males or females have innately but is granted when earned.

For The Children

They may consider the unborn child as a recipient as well. Many in the pro-life by definition view abortions as a procedure involving at least 2 people. Possibly 2 females or a male and female. Where they differ with abortion advocates is that they would argue that the life should be preserved.

They want the same thing to happen for different reasons

Planned Parenthood advocates may say it would have been worse to be born unwanted to unprepared parents. Some may throw in the minority cases of rape, drug addiction or other rationalization. There is a lot they a few people would say in this pursuit, though little will make sense and almost non can survive any level of scrutiny.

Having in the past not been as staunchly against abortions as I once am it is sad to hear this reasoning since from personal experience and more, it is often due to their lack of satisfaction with their childhoods and prospects. We project, and imagine a child living like we did or with us and cringe. But again I ask, unless you are actively committing suicide as you make that argument that abortion is preferential, what would you want someone to tell the person that birthed you about abortion if they were in your position?

Done for now. Video of the post. Recently heard a song where the Wu-Tang Clan members reminisce on the passing of Old Dirty Bastard. I often think of the time he went on,may have been the Grammy’s and said Wu-Tang is for the children. Related video:


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