Bioware R.I.P. in Peace

I play games occasionally. I listen to YouTubers more often. This is one taking about a game series I once played. Have shared his videos before but he breaks this down well. Quite some shenanigans. Language warning in the video but good content

Now what does one do when they have limited time. I had been aware of their massive galaxy spanning game with its interactive and player choice driven character development. I heard of how horrible the 3rd parts ending was but my excitement was maintained. I thought I would still play through as I had studiously avoided any spoilers.

Finally picked up the games when i had the time, discount prices to this marvelous universe, sign me up. Didn’t work out, I played until  the ending arc of the second game and have not gone further. That was likely not much due to the game but more to my time. There were newer games to play and less leisure time. I find myself thinking its better to just read the synopsis and save me time. Apparently this was a wise enough choice. My heart goes out to those that carried hope for this new installment. Implosion on the way.

As Louis Le Vau said in his video I too am an individualist. I make generalizations over the things he may state he doesn’t care about but I treat people as individuals when I interact with them on an individual basis. Now past behavior counts though. Especially if it is of the individual. Now here is a company, a collection of individuals with past behavior of identity politicking and a general decay in the quality of their games. I care not much what the pixels I am controlling are trying to emulate if the game looks and plays great.

Check this out:

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 13.44.50.png

Game is not game.

More observations about the game and Bioware


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