Did We Read What We Said He Said

Some weeks back during the Milo Yiannopoulus scandal involving his being a victim of and then making light of child abuse a friend posted this

These sort of things are why I’ve been so critical of the Left.. Lena Dunham openly admitted to molesting her sister, George Takei happily talked about being taken advantage of by an older man, and Roman Polanski was convicted of it and ran away.

.. And yet, only Milo gets criticized.

with this link : Bill Maher condoned Sex between an Adult and a Minor

The friend (Stephen from here on) had others chime in on his comment and I (Silas from here on) decided to engage one (Clarissa from here on).

What initially started as a sarcastic engagement turned into quite a long conversation that was instructive to me and may be to you. Shall post this in a several parts with only slight spelling corrections. Shall keep it free of commentary but may have a post at the end to mention some observations. The main one could be what may be some major gender based differences in how we communicate as I went over in the Babel of the Sexes.

When we left off in the previous part. There seemed to be some agreement and I had offered that she watch the video I posted on my thoughts about Milo and abuse. I thought this understanding was stemming from her switching between the literal and figurative but she did not quite agree.

Clarissa : Not sure where I jumped between figurative and literal speech. Maybe I shouldn’t of said “justify,” but it does minimize the present. Also when pointing out hypocrisy you cannot do it in a hypocritical statement. Not sure what purpose him pointing out hypocrisy on ONLY the left served to support. That is why I addressed it. This was a post against the left not against the way people talked about child abuse in the past.

Silas : one more thing about the Trump ‘Last night’ comment. As there was nothing to point out reported the night before it was wrong for people to talk about the greater increase of incidents including cases of child sexual abuse? Yet with Stephen he shouldn’t refer to a specific incident(s) but talk about it in general?

Silas : that’s where, some judgments are made from what was literally said and others what could have figuratively been implied

Silas : I think, not to make light of it this is like saying I don’t like McDonalds because their fries are too salty. Then someone comes in and says I’m tired of people pointing out this one thing, other people have salty fries, and how about how bad salt is in general, why don’t you just talk about how bad salt it? All the while the person was just talking about why he doesn’t like McDonalds.

That may be a very weak analogy, but figuratively its a signal of not having much more to say. Thanks for your time. though. I really do hope you are out there pointing out hypocrisy in general and specifically increasing the focus on this horrible topic that too many make light of. And by too many i mean anything more than zero people.

Clarissa : I didn’t say it was wrong to bring up increases of incidents in Sweden, but they only did it in defense of Trumps comment. Where were all the people talking about it prior. Bring it up, that is fine with me, but question your President, don’t just find statistics to MINIMIZE his comment. Your reaching now. I explained why I made my comment and how can you defend what Steve said, your only implying what you think he meant. He was pointing out hypocrisy while being hypocritical and yes I think he is above that. I also think he was minimizing Milo’s words by using “they did it to,” it is wrong whoever did or said it

Clarissa : Your analogy went against Stephen’s post, not in defense of it. He was the one saying “other people have salty fries,” not me. Yes talk about why salt is bad, that is what I am saying. He didn’t talk about why what Milo said was bad. Your analogy actually made my point, not Stephens Thanks for that

Silas : Ok many have, and for me the sources I saw bringing it up had been discussing that as well. If i made implications then so did you. He literally did not say anything besides discuss some reasons why he doesn’t like leftists. You brought in other things …See More

Silas : are you using “they did it to” in scare quotes as in something you imply he implied?

Clarissa : “These sort of things are why I have been so critical of the left.” Stephen’s words, he is criticizing the left in his own words for something the right is doing as well at present. I do not need to admit I am wrong because I gave my opinion. I did not misrepresent facts, for that I would admit I was wrong. When I used quotes, not scare quotes it was to emphasize that this mentality is happening more than it should. I didn’t imply anything, he said in print why he critical of ONE side. Pointing out their hypocrisy, but by not pointing out anyone from the right was hypocritical in itself. Thanks for your time. I cannot say what I meant any other way. I responded to his post with my opinion. This didn’t have to be a left/right debate, it could of been just about hypocrisy, but left was brought up. Also the “they did it to,” seems to be a very common way of minimizing the present and I am tired of hearing it.

Done for now. Scare quotes, ‘quotation marks’ what do they mean? when its ‘ or “. what to do, what to do. One more part to go thanks for reading.



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