Inappropriate Pregnancy ?

United States Supreme court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch addressing an accusation  made by former Obama administration staffer Jennifer Sisk that he once told students women manipulate maternity leave. included this in his answer.

And Senator, I do ask for a show of hands, not about the question you asked, but about the following question. And I ask it of everybody. How many of you have had questions like this asked of you in the employment environment, an inappropriate question about your family planning?

And I am shocked every year, Senator, how many young women raise their hand. It’s disturbing to me.

IPolitics has been said to be the art of the possible. It is probable that Gorsuch who for the little I know seems quite intelligent, knows that what he said would go over as well as it did. Unlikely he was shocked by it Whether he believes it inappropriate. he is a judge and could judge the situation. Likewise what was said by Ms or Mrs Sisk (though i somewhat think if it was a mrs it probably would be a hyphenated name similar to her possible hyphenated studies minor) Doubt she imagines the judge to be a sort of woman hater, and could have been a case of the Babel of the Sexes in which we have disparate definitions of things said.

Pregnancy for example.It is and should be a concern, but whose has been a running issue likely since the beginning of society. It is why many people choose ot work or start businesses to begin with, to have families. May think it is more of a concern for females but why is it that a human male in a relationship or seeking them with a tends to earn almost 10 times than a single one? How would you explain that males who have children tend to work more in whatever career they have chosen? So we know it is some bodies business but which somebody is it limited to was brought up in the exchange between Judge Gorsuch and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL).

Is the question so inappropriate though? Asking whether an employee plans on having a child. I get that it isn’t common to ask a the person interviewing you if the business plans on shutting down for some months to start another business that it will possibly stay as a part of but I think knowing that information would be valuable.

I think marriage and having kids can be and should be a wonderful thing and believe it is best for the child(ren) to have a parent home. that being said Understand many have certain considerations that lead them to want to or think they have to work in a traditional workplace environment, form very real loans and debts incurred to now as direct tangible dogma of certain post modern secular religions.



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