Misunderstanding Misunderstanding

Watched this Short video by Bill Whittle. He makes the case that wars are not begun by misunderstandings. I may have misunderstood him:

Everybody in America is worried about going to war with North Korea, it’s about time we make them worried about going to war with us. We look at the disillusionment of North Korea and other crazed, weaponized nations, and what we can do about it.

The definition of  misunderstanding.

misunderstanding noun mis·un·der·stand·ing

  1. a failure to understand :  misinterpretation The instructions were carefully written to prevent misunderstanding.

  2. quarrel, disagreement an unfortunate misunderstanding between two old friends

This could be due to trying to protect a bias that lack of communication is the main cause of problems in the world, or just petty semantics, but isn’t the false idea that they can win a misunderstanding? I am unsure though as Mr Whittle pointed out in  sending palettes of money to Iran could lead them to rightfully understand that particular administration may have been weaker in it’s intent to go to war. However wouldn’t any idea that they would win such a conflict still be a misunderstanding? or is this that the military under that leadership would be so bogged down and hampered by half measures and lack of commitment that it could be a Vietnam like quagmire?

In addition the North Koreans thanking their Dear Leader for eyesight after western doctors cured their cataracts would also be a misunderstanding of reality. I may be conflating the terms, or not conflating but may is it that indoctrination does can nullify the requirements for a misunderstanding. As in if you are using an entirely different set of definitions, that you have no reason to believe are wrong, you get the same exact info but plug it in to your thought matrix and understand something entirely different.

Essentially like a Muslim and a Christian could apply for a job at a certain firm, both receive it for similar qualifications but then thank different gods for their benevolence. I would consider this a misunderstanding of the reasons in part due to possible indoctrination into a religion…

I would be glad to hear what you think about the topic. Thank you 🙂

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