I See Good Things : 3/25/2CY

Latest installment of the I See Good Things where I share interesting things I’ve found.


They didn’t even have to edit the name. Trans trending continues new meaning to robots in disguise.


is the trend of social justice whining and progressive hiring policies to blame for the abysmal reception of the Mass Effect : Andromeda game.Here is an article  Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Racist Game Designer No Longer Works For BioWare

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 12.06.43.png

Seems like a mess. Played some of the previous games, but why would they not allow for white characters? Some disturbing screen caps of the in game facial expressions, look somewhat like the sex dolls from Once You Go Mech…  Uncanny valley is wider and deep here.

8 Mainstream Media Lies About President Trump

So instead of making my own video pointing out the same things some have already seen, here is a great video that does just that.


Now some Lulz and art

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 16.53.57.png



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