Farewell Elmo, Hello Welfare.

Here is a video intended to be a take on the defunding of PBS.

Multifaceted lies are multifaceted. Sesame street has been acquired by HBO. Has been there for years with PBS showing it at a later date. As I said, multifaceted and can go into much more. Ill focus on the comment section that is quite telling.

Here is the top comment.

This started out being funny…but turned quite sad and dark.  I mean, WTF?  You wanna save costs?  Stop going on vacation every damn weekend, force Malanie to move into the WH.

People will tell you all you need to know about them if you only listen. They speak of forcing FLOTUS to move to the White House. They may pay lip-service to female choice but their actions and policies show their actual want for females and others to be forced to do what they want them to do. Most often taxable things.

More lip-service is also paid in their ‘think about the kids’ refrains. Melania Trump’s stay in the often bombthreated Trump Tower is in large part due to young princling Barons education and well being that she is in NYC. You care not for children.

Speaking of schooling, vacations, and costs, I am sure when teachers demand more pay you suggest they should not take summer and other vacations off and instead request school extend its hours to 2-5, 5 days a week around the year like most other occupations.

Next comment:

Stop taking things literally. Elmo is a representation of PBS. If it was something important to you – you’d be upset. Just because you don’t care about it – doesn’t make it void of value.

Say it’s just the message being sent and Elmo is a mascot for all tax money employed PBS staff. Let me borrow your own statement. Just because you don’t care about whats is done with other peoples taxed money doesn’t make it void of value them.

Next :

This got cut because poor kids watched this. Without kids pbs (cyber chase, between the lions, zoom, arthur, reading rainbow ) and pre-school……idk where I’d be. Cyber Chase was soft geometry and trig for lil kids.

I know growing up the late 90’s early 2000’s was progressive but my grandma didn’t have cable, this was before youtube. If it wasn’t a good day to play outside at least it was educational shows like between the lions helping us read and sound out words and reading. I mean dang frfr

I stopped watching cyber chase at 13 (and im 19 now) it was harmless kids shows. Instead of typing god knows what into google chrome and having god knows what pop up for kids to see.

Fuck off. Sorry to the reader for the language. I’ve reduced the cursing and know it is not an argument but sometimes 4 letter words are replies to other four letter words. “This got cut because poor kids watched this.” Fuck right off. Type Sesame Street into your internet searches and have Sesame Street pop up. Or better yet, teach your own kids. Eww no. Not touching the rest.

Next comment :

 If Melania Trump spend a week living in the White House, PBS could be saved for another year…  Let that sink in for a minute.

Ah yes, that’s how budgeting works. Money is transferred exactly from one thing to the other right? Kind of how planned Parenthood knows exactly than no money whatsoever is going to abortions from the tax money coming in. In addition that money has to be spent. No way you can just have FLOTUS move to the White house and save both the increased security costs and the money going to PBS.

Next is the 10th one down with 575 likes compares to the over 900 of the first one :

Elmo and PBS can generate it’s own money. Look at the merchandising sesame Street has.  If the show is worth watching or keeping it will survive.  I grew up never watching sesame Street and I don’t think not having PBS matters to me one way or another.  People now don’t even watch TV anymore.  Content is slowly becoming more Internet based.  PBS is a dinasour and probably should be extinct.  Let’s not proprietary things up with tax payer money for limited benefit.

It is a dinosaur. As initially mentioned above, Sesame Street’s  move to HBO was in part due to changing patterns in how people, of which children are, consume media. Claims that is is such and insignificant amount of money can be countered by saying it would be much easier to be funded by those willing to. How many people currently watching PBS are complaining about this? It would take a few dollars a year from those that support PBS to match what the budget cuts will take. Or it would take just a handful of the celebrities and other relatively financially well off, to keep it going. But no, why do that when hand wring between typing your virtue signals to the other Social Justice Whinners out there.

Keep taking those Ls.

I loathe these people they are horrible and am glad I have whittled them out of my personal life. You can get along enough to interact in public but I implore any that have not already done so, to save themselves from this scourge in their private lives.

You are worth it.


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