Fatal to Attraction

We are visual beings. As others I am attracted to visual beauty, or what I consider appealing. Beyond the signifiers good of health, balanced features and other indications of reproductive fitness that most males are subconsciously drawn to one has other preferences. I have mentioned eyes frequently but think the most important one is shared values and morality. So what could be fatal to ones attraction is something I often think of.

In this Article from Return of Kings 27 Attractive Girls Who Became Ugly Freaks Because Of Feminism we see some…that title though. Wowzers. Anyway we see 27 females that are now self declared feminists. How much changed before the adoption of feminism or due to it is not quite clear. Some seem to be a matter of age, or college which has become a place to marinade in identity politics and other pseudo intellectual indoctrination. I myself suffered some ill effects of that.

How one defines things is of utmost import. How one comes to believe something to be true. Quite a few times I have found online profiles that expressly indicate one must nto contact the given female unless they are a feminist. I have had the opposite unwritten rule to not engage anyone that indicates that they are one. Am I wrong to do this? realistically not everyone defines feminist in the religious sense it most expressly is found.

Your average American says they are religious but they do not believe in their given religion anywhere close to as devoutly as your average member of ISIS. Someone may say they are pro-black but not spend time preaching about how evil white people are like your Black Lives Matter leaders. Someone like Tomi Lahren may claim to not be as staunchly pro-life as others may want her to be but not be advocating for abortions. Religion, pro-race, abortions these are some rather fatal to attraction topics for me. I am apathetic at best to them and anti most of their advocates or arguments to participate in.

  • Aposematism perhaps most commonly known in the context of warning coloration, describes a family of antipredator adaptations where a warning signal is associated with the unprofitability of a prey item to potential predators.

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