Travel Tips

Been back in NYC for a week now. a few tips about travel.

Protip #1 (and thanks) : If you fly somewhere and there is a chance to meet old friends and make new ones, do it. more on this on the blog but yay to meeting the library at the SVA student exhibition and then Lunut for weekend culturing it up! YAY


Met old friends, made new ones while seeing art and being part of art

Protip #2 : International flights during which you fly into the past are better when you take a late night flight. Makes it seem like you just had a longish day instead of the 23 hours of travel it was. #-4 hours is a good max time for transfers. Managed to walk most of the terminal at DXB and get some drawing in.

Protip tip #3 : Now I’ll likely have a few days of waking up where for a few milliseconds you wonder where you actually are. To lessen this make note of plans of the next day right before you go to bed. Though if the travel was mostly by your choice It is a rather cool feeling as your mind reorients to what should be done in this location vs the other. (some dark ruminations about low choice travelers)

The week has been quite fantastic. Truly charmed life at times. Small yet amazing things like the ability to be on an a380 exterior cameras to get several views as the massive airplane turns. See the through the wings as the flaps move, mechanically adjusting to glide down to the earth. See the sunlight as it casts a shadow on the fuselage and wings, feel the heat through the protective material of the windows with the knowledge of the cold temperatures and gusting winds mere inches away. Appreciate not only the people who took part in flying on the particular day, but those involved in maintenance of the craft, in running the business, in the decades of development, to the initial flights of the Wright Brothers and before form the first humans that saw birds and thought maybe one day we could do that t Fantastic is not a sufficient word.

That’s just the airplane which amaze me as mentioned in Metal, Human-Filled Sausages, Hurtling Through the Sky. Because, Magic.  There is also the handheld supercomputer equipped with a camera to film this entire thing. Or this magical inter webs for me to share this with you.

Back in the city it has been challenging in the new information and welcoming to see all the good friends and connections I have made. Hard to miss people you expect to know for the rest of your life. So not quite sure what the feeling is. Off to Wall Street later today to see about a progressive lil’ girl standing in the way of progress. Or that’s how I see it before seeing it in person. Post on that coming soon.

A bit sad that to have traded the sound of family and lil nephew coming from downstairs when I woke up to honks and revs of engines but oh so energized by plans and expectations. #mysocalledlife #imluvinit (hahah for a second just thought of hitting up the McDonald’s across the street for a mcgriddle)


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