Feminisms Black History


Feminism and African Americans have never been comfortable bedfellows. Their partnerships have tended to be more similar to hostage situations than anything benevolent or in the least bit caring. Guess who was the captive to begin with? The same one that still is and tends to be from this religion birthed from a collective mentality gone cancerous.

“The old anti slavery school says women must stand back and wait until the negroes shall be recognized. But we say, if you will not give the whole loaf of suffrage to the entire people, give it to the most intelligent first. If intelligence, justice, and morality are to have precedence in the government, let the question of the woman be brought up first and that of the negro last,”

-Susan B Anthony via Do not tap on glass, acceber74: livingeachdayasitcomes: …

Disgusting really. Here are some thoughts on comments and discussions about this article.

There was the argument that ‘Oh she said this when being white and not racist was an anomaly so overlook it.’ Well I’ve been making a similar argument for years, but consistency isn’t given in this case. Since less than 5% of whites owned slaves at any given time of the American slave trade then the present collective guilt of the race the race should be a non starter.

Consistency isn’t given.


Someone poineds out that Sojourner Truth, the African-American abolitionist and women’s rights activist, was not only a supporter of feminism at the time, but a friend to Susan B. Anthony; likely broke with the movement and her friend on the topic of racism. Totes not the token black friend argument.

Totes not.

These examples and others come to mind when you see the seemingly odd flirtation and coupling of feminism and some of the more contentious, ostensibly anti-woman elements of certain religions that I am clearly just something-o-phobic about. Sometimes that is embodied in the being of one person such as Planned Parenthood collaborator/mascot, Brookyn Burquiqua* Linda Sarsour or more infamously the full-time feminist, habitual Islamophobia and occasional Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau

Before any side or movement is painted with a broad brush of bigotry, be it racism, sexism or other assorted isms and put downs, take the time to question who is making the claims, and whether it may be preferential to deal with people as individuals versus collectives.

She seems awfully nice. Unsure if is a feminist.


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Oh no…


Not haram!

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