Who Will Swoon for Sweden?

First they came for the hoodlum migrant and I said nothing because I was not a hoodlum migrant. Then they they realized they couldn’t capture the hoodlum migrant. So we just surrendered our country.

Apt comment I saw to a disturbing reality.

Did they actually lead of the male that came in to help?

Most Swedes do not come into contact with migrants or police. Most don’t see things like what was in the video. It still happens though. Increasingly and more importantly unnecessarily.

Would you want a gender equal police force? I am not advocating for females to be entirely removed from security forces. Clerical, secretarial and other non physically demanding work is part of it. Managing of female criminals once apprehended. I would completely support a 100% male participation in patrol and other field officers though. This would include stringent physical requirements for the positions. If a female could pass them then considerations can be made.

In a previous post* I discussed some female private citizens that took it upon themselves to police swimming pools from increased sexual assaults. I am in no means saying we should not encourage females to secure themselves and their surroundings, but if you are going to be taxed or willingly pay for some security, take all the steps necessary to get the best possible one (pro tip : stop taxing for it and watch it improve drastically)

Different things happen for the same reasons.  The migrant populations some protection by being grouped together in neighborhoods, some that are now no go zones, may serve as a sort of protection for anti social and destructive behavior. The high reliance on welfare and other social programs means they do not  have to interact with the general populace. But If ever the time came to forcibly remove them, or worse to have a hot clash versus the cold war level prodding and posturing that goes on. It would be simpler to do by cordoning off the areas and carrying it out. Stop the transfer of resources block the means of transit in and out, and go along with it.

This may not be a different thing happening and seems almost inevitable. how could it be avoided? Well don’t offered so many incentives to come and be able to live in such secluded areas. The solution to this would be prevention to begin with. If the populations are economically integrated into the communities they would be considered valuable additions and also be spread around the population. There would be actual integration and no need to even contemplate having to enact force on a large scale to expel or quell them.

Tolerate it until it is intolerant.


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