His Story Became Her Story?

Mentioned considerations stemming from gender preferences in the post Bioware R.I.P. in Peace and now there is an article by Heatstreet titled  Marvel Exec Claims Forced ‘Diversity,’ Female-Led Comics Responsible for Slump. Yes changing focus on the kind of stories and subject matter will change who is interested in it but as a creative do you have to pick between story’s for men and boys or women and girls?

What’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander otherwise we would all be geese. In the best case men and women are complementary. In many cases adversarial. In very few are men and women interchangeable. The reason we see discrepancies in employment, entertainment choices, fashion, definitions, requests and more are because we are different. We may all want to be entertained but shall not find satisfaction in the same things.

This can even be with the usual target base. I can grow out of certain things. For example the Micheal Bay directed Transformers series. I began to appreciate other aspects of entertainment as I aged. It was not until I realized that Transformers was actually an advertisement for toys was I able to find entertainment in it. An added aspect was marveling at the technical expertise, skill and time behind the animations. Also a bit of things go boom and smash that substituted the urge to buy any toys that was a core part of the product.

People are not against change for the sake of being against change. There are very few purists that want to just keep the original story-line. In the comic universe this is evident in how entire universes reset. There is the case of creative teams occasionally restarting a character from a revamped origin story. In video games there is the case of the popular Zelda series, where the general lore and characters are carried over but the story lines and interactions change.

That is key. With the changes in Marvel comics and Bio ware and other video games are they maintaining any sort of core(s) to attract enough of whatever demographics to make the product profitable? That’s a challenge that can cost thousands of jobs and millions of dollars.

The Spirit Within

RPG’s are an interactive equivalent of reading books. There tends to be a larger invitation into emerging oneself into the characters and world than one would when they bungee into relatively shorter experience in for example of a comic book,  film or sports video game. The book comparison may be more fitting for a pick your own adventure book.

Recently someone told me they disliked the themes of the film Final Fantasy : The Spirit Within. They are a fan of role-playing games including the Final fantasy series but I think part of what was lacking for them was the immersion into the story developed by controlling the characters and interacting in what seems like a fully fleshed out world. It goes to the experience at the core of it. Participation versus  being told a story possibly. Being walked through something or choosing to do things. This is also seen in the general dislike I have for tunnel role playing games (looking at you FF13!) and preference for open world sandbox titles that give you relative free range.

There are certain people that will play a game step by step with a walk through, some like me will check every path and try and talk to every thing i can, and break every pot I see before going through the door I am certain leads to the next development in the story. I am also the sort that would rather just watch all the cinematics from the remakes rather than play through again. My relationship with the characters having already been established by previous playthroughs and having different time preferences. Is this mostly due to my personal situation and how much is that due to my being male? I prefer less inevitability in the experience. Less narrative and more choice.

The Gender Divide

Why do Romantic comedies have different viewership than Sci-fi action movies? Video fleshes out some of the general things men and women look for in role paying games.

Different isn’t bad. Footwear is a good thing. Sunny day on the beach an some slippers would be great. Snowy night walking an urban street, shall wear boots. Both satisfy my walking needs. Both appropriate for the locations. Both appreciated. Both are footwear but are not the same.

In many cases people are complaining at the lack of realistic choices and changes not the inclusion of change in and of itself.


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