Natural Stress

Dr Robert Sapolsky is a gem.

As for the flourishing with the ‘nicer’ baboons, did they account for the effect of the more aggressive baboons having cleared out a relatively safe and unchallenged territory. What would have happened if their group was challenged by a more typically aggressive group? Likely not much good.

I think a similar thing is seen in developed nations. Previous adverse conditions created some dominance over their environment. That mentality has receded and thus different forms of environmental challenges through some of the destructive political policies and social trends. These are the conditions that will then again encourage and develop the sort of persons that will rise up and develop new ways of advancing past the threats.

As we are not only evolved over other animals and our primate cousins, we also have differing levels of civilization. So the violence and challenge may not be as overtly physical or directly warlike. This does not mean it does not harm people none the less. The reach of a thought and it’s results are much larger than one can do with their fists, sword or a gun. Then other is the implicit threat of if it does devolve into the realm of physical warfare humans have become oh so proficient at dismantling mass number of humans with relatively few objects.

Tsar Bomb 08.png


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