Men are Nazis Women are Prostitutes

This is Briffaults Law:

The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

— Robert Briffault, The Mothers, Vol. I, p. 191

Sure the state may be a massive Alpha but humans require more than physical resources for proper nourishment. We are social beings and are strengthened by relationships. Not simply the physical companionship, but extending to the mental and spiritual support and knowledge that someone knows you and you know them. As mentioned in  Natural Stress what are the actual effects of changes in the social dynamics and hierarchies we evolved from?

When the troupe of Baboons lost the Alpha males due to them getting seniority to eat what was tainted meat, Dr. Robert Sapolsky made the observation that the group continued to thrive.  So in the case of Baboons this may be stated due to supposedly more ‘peaceful’ interactions. The general number of apes could quickly return to the same as before the deaths. The same number that could realistically be fed by their territory. How does this translate to humans though?

the state proffers its poisonous resources. The alphas of the time are first to partake and soon succumb to the addictive power of it. The environment in which created these alphas slowly decays and they even raise their children to be more docile. Alpha children are raised in a different environment the girls no longer desire alpha traits they see less and less of, and the boys have fewer role models to emulate and aspire to be. They do grow up and expect a ‘fairer share’ of resources. discounting that with fiat currency and debt driven economies it only appears to be fairer but in reality the value is reduced and/or stolen. Populations continue to grow, and outright bloody conflicts may not be as much of a threat to the general populace. So the traditional male alpha may be no more but is this society thriving? No. I would say it is not. We are more than numbers. More than your meat and electrical synapses in our brains. Happiness in females has plummeted as their apparent equality has increased. Lifestyle and mental diseases are on the increase among both genders and thorough the ages… It is only natural that we react this way the less natural we pretend to be.

The state may give you ‘success’ and prevent subsistence living but this is substandard to relationship and care. Cattle on a farm may not worry about their basic needs to live, but at the end of the day the farmer has no love for them and it’s often the chopping block for them.

I’m thinking now could humans have been a strain of ape who lost enough alphas that they developed other less aggressive or overtly violent ways of living that they eventually evolved? Shall likely take note of this and send a probe down this branch of the rabbit hole sometime soon.

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drew this years back.

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