A Sad Assault of Assad

I could benefit from more information of course, but have some observations from the few days. Following the the suspected chemical attack in a rebel-held Syrian town killed 72 people and injured 400 others Tuesday, April 4th 2016 ; the actions of President trump ordering that 59 Tomahawk land attack missiles be launched at the Shayrat Airfield located in the Homs Governorate in Western Syria and the subsequent fallout. I will make attempts to be as impartial as possible but realize this may be ex post facto rationalizations created by my biases.

When I first heard of the attack while people were still staking their position on what need be or need not be done, it struck me as similar to the events surrounding the failed attempt at replacing the Affordable Care Act. It was Ryancare vs Obamacare. Not Trump’s solution vs not Trump’s problem. If you’re going to lose a battle in a war, it’s better to lose one you are not very heavily invested in.

Something has happened in Syria. There are claims of false flag, it is unsure who did what, but from what i know it was established that some planes flew from the now bombed out airport. Went over the location of where the chemical attack is claimed to have happened. A location of which was part of an ongoing UN inspection. Some claim chemical bombs dropped some say it may have been conventional bombs that caused ruptures in chemicals stored by the forces on the ground, and many other thoughts. 

I do not know, I may never know, I for sure do not know what Trump, Putin, Assad and others know.

Regardless many were calling for action. A large number of these are people who have seemingly been opposed to everything he does. So he does something it takes the wind out of the sails of people that say he never does anything right. 

Now on the attacks. Wherever the chemicals came from there was an Obama administration report, by senator John Kerry claiming that Syria no longer had the chemical weapons. This report has recently been downgraded by a popular fact checking site that then had it as mostly true.

 Some conspiracy talk begins here. Lets say it is false flag attack to make him seem impotent then instead he decides to bomb the site. Or he knows its false flag and talks to Putin and Assad and says comes to agreement that they should play along a sacrifice had to be given so if they use a couple million to bomb a relatively cleared out air base. and appease the mob. 

I saw reports claiming at least 20 of the missiles did not hit targets by the airports, they are for all intents and purposes unaccounted for. As for those questioning the number of missiles used, Remember when we got to airports its often just the terminal and the runway, there are storage depots, hangars, power stations and a myriad of other buildings in the complex. Back the ‘missing’ missiles. What if the airbase was cleared out, and those other bombs targeted the ISIS and other enemy fortifications by the place. I doubt that Isis just left the airport unsurveilled or unassailed?.

Assume it was an attack ordered by Assad as sure as Trump has responsibility for the following Tomahawk missile launches. This decisive action following US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley calling out the assembly with pictures in hand could shame them for not doing serious things in favor of social justice whiner activity such as He for She campaign. She hit them hard after other incidents including Ukraine but this time it was followed by US Military Hardware. It says look we are pulling funding from you because instead of managing this sort of thing, you let it escalate to where we have to spend out time and money cleaning it up.

The Missile launches coincide with the visit of President Xi Jinping of China and are a show power, decisiveness and willing to act. With the meeting concluded it has been revealed that among what was discussed a deal was struck between the two leaders in light of the very real saber rattling coming from North Korea. Which has far closer a relationship to China than Russia does to Syria. China could see this as a warning that if North Korea continues in its antagonistic behavior, they could soon have US missiles scorching earth by their doorstep.

In acting, 

Trump is also going along with things that many Democrats, Neo-cons, Never-Trumpers, and other detractors were saying should be done. Hillary Clinton campaigned on the premise that she would engage in this sort of action and she came out in relative support of military response post the chem attack reports. So Trump acts on something they support then how dos it look it they go forward with the filibuster on the Supreme Court nomination. They did not and Gorsuch got in under the radar of many.

Speaking of radar, what could be cause for this false flag? What could it draw attention from? Possibly the raising scandal of former Attorney General Susan Rice calling for spying and unmasking of people in Trump’s camp for one. More look over there instead of whats going on here. Then there are issues with Steve Bannon, being removed from certain positions and his rumored power struggles with Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner… So as I said a lot that I do not know.

Of course Trump could just be the loose cannon that the established media sources said he was. Many sources of which are now supporting his action. Could it be a real attack and we are witnessing a human affected by the horrific photos and video coming from Syria. If real, then he has likely seen much worse than I or any of you listening have seen or heard. I do wonder how it would be for someone whose spent so much time building businesses and buildings to be in a position to witness and initiate the destruction of so much…

However as with the previous chemical attack with Obama’s infamous red line, why would Assad do this? Why call the attention of the international community to him, when most reports say he has been on the road to winning? The contrast in Trump’s choice to attack could show him as a more decisive a President than Obama. One could even say he is enforcing precedents and policies set by the Obama administration.  Similar to how the executive order on immigration is was based on data compiled during the last administration.

Back to Assad though, asking why he may attack could be expecting sanity in an insane situation from the same people that are at best irrational. They’re also situations where in the chain of command there could be other loose cannons that are acting without the presidents approval. Americans are claiming this about their administration but to think this far into such a civil war there are not ISIS sympathizers within the Syrian forces. If insanity is an issue though, do we really think that the groups that produce suicide bombers would be averse to chemically poisoning scores of civilians to further their cause?

Politically I’d best be described as an anarcho-capitalist.  This is based on valuing and trying to live by the non aggression principle and the individualism that stems from that. That being said I did not only prefer Trump over the other options for the US presidency but I actively supported him and advocated that others do so. A big part of this was and still is, that I imagine him to be far more capable and willing to deal with the political machinations needed to reduce the size and reach of the state.

Some analogies. Imagine I go to a clinic for a general checkup. They do all the necessary things and tell me they’ll call in 3 days if anything is amiss. On the 3rd day the clinics number shows up on my caller ID. I pick up the phone and have them tell me its high cholesterol and sigh in relief. This would not be since I support high cholesterol and advocate others should, but it can say It is better than the possibility of it being cancer. Now that is an unprompted checkup, where a possibility of them not calling exists. In the case of the chemical attack in Syria it is better compared to finding a lump where there was none before. Fearing it may be cancer, you go see an oncologist. They tell you no matter what you will receive a call on the 3rd day.  Phone rings, you pick up as prepared as you can be for the inevitable news, and they say its a benign melanoma that can easily be removed. Not yay but also yay. Far better than the diagnosis of stage 4 cancer with a few months left to live.

So what is this attack by the USA? It is horrible, sure. It is part of the on going war and hostilities that I wish an end to. People have died and have been dying, but is this Pearl Harbor level start of WW3? No. If there were internet memes during the 1930’s would people be macroing the attack with the trending memes of the time? Doubt it. I remember seeing and marveling at how we live in a time when the Department of Defense is sharing videos of the launches which are then then relayed onto social media platforms. Imagine Pearl Harbor pilots having go pros as they attacked, and then being in the US catching feeds released by the Japanese government… Dafuq is this time we live in?

Before the Missile launch I saw videos reportedly from after the chemical attack. It seemed like a decently shot television show about some far off land. Something that matters as little to me as the most recent diversity check listed and female-helmed, team America world police themed procedural television show… Call me cold and detached if you want but I’d also recently seen a video of supposedly white helmet aid workers in Syria staging a rescue of a man from under rubble. That and I am well aware that thousands of missiles and bombs have been used by western forces in that region over the last year. Bombings that were hardly covered let alone decried. Is this literally a micro aggression in the grander scheme of things? Could it be argued as a show of force to end or prevent further aggression?

I know there’s going to be much that I’m not going to be pleased with, but being unhappy with 49%  or more of what has happened in the less than 100 days since Trump took office is still a more favorable situation than I’d have had with Clinton whom seemed to guarantee I would have been unhappy with at best 80% of what she did. Trump is in. The #TrumptraintoMAGAland is for everyone now. I am focusing more on what i can do in my seat, cabin, car or more.  An added observation someone made was that this shows how more individuated Trump’s support base is. Many people that claim to be and have been active supporters are calling foul to outright denouncing Trump. I do see as much of the towing of the party lie* many have under past republican or democratic presidents.

What we are witnessing is the state of the state, not just the United States.

That’s it for now.


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