Athletically Active

Most athletes are genetically gifted. They physically have advantages that most people do not. When you look at the professional ranks it is the top million physical specimens out of the billions of people in the world.

In general most athletes are male. Physically gifted males use their genetic gifts in sporting events of different levels of competition and at times violence. They match the developmental environment we evolved in.

What would the female equivalent be?

I’d say modelling would be the equivalent of non violent sports and things such as stripping to porn would be the equivalent of combat sports.  Activity industry more male nature and the Appearance industry for female nature.

Now look at the fields, in both cases some females find great success in sporting activities and some males in the appearance activities. If you could quantify both fields the percentages of participation and the differences in earning power that comes form the demand for their abilities could have many similarities.

Still here? OK just assume I’m right. Think about how many athletes speak about social and political issues? Why do they do this? You wouldn’t go ask them about medical issues without thinking of some qualifications. This isn’t simply because you want to think you are qualified to speak on these topics just by living, as of course you and they are, but does not make what you or they have to say correct if at all valuable.

I like to see athletes covering sports. Especially sports they played. Coaching as well. it is great to see them interact with the current athletes and catch the comradeship, hear the old stories of their playing days, see people you grew up with age into lovable commentators.

Times have changed though. 24 hour news cycles of the information age and the amount of money to be made by developing a brand. What is the brand here, what are they selling but their physical prowess? People want to know more about them than ever before, and they chose to let us know more about them.


Athletes have been political for a while

Check this article out  ‘Detroit Free Press’ Sports Op-Ed Insists Players Should Become Left-Wing Activists.

“At a time when we seem so deeply divided, sports have the potential to unite people behind positive change,” the pair opined.

Note they take for granted that to be united it would require left-wing activism. Why should sports matter? Do you want to tell me that professional models somehow travel less or have such different physical training, dedication and challenges that they are so different to professional athletes? Pole dancing has not become a popular exercise just because of sexual liberation, it is due to its actual physically demanding nature. Why aren’t professional dancers being encouraged to be more outspoken on politics.

I say we should let as many people speak on the topic as want to, I encourage ore to. What I warn you is putting any undue importance into what anyone physically gifted says about anything other than the field they have directly taken time and energy in training that physical ability to succeed at. A brain may be the most expensive part of our biology, but it’s expansive nature means it can also be the most woefully misused one.


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