Pointless Micro Aggression

This is something that indicates the prioritizing we go through to mind what we mind. Why do we care for thing on thing and not lets say 44 others. It isn’t sole frequency, let alone severity that makes us care.


Egypt, April 9th 2017, at least 44 people were killed in 2 bombings as they attended church services on Palm Sunday.

Chicago, April 10th 2017, news of a man accosted and dragged off a United Airlines flight begins to spread. Flight was overbooked and the airline wanted 4 of it’s employees to fly on the flight. the first 3 people asked acquiesced and left, the 4th was throttled and forcibly removed. This was caught on video.

Why would the incident in the airplane trigger more widespread outrage than the death of 44 people? Let’s leave how it’ll be downplayed as it doesn’t fit the prevailing victim persecutor narratives. Many of you don’t attend church let alone imagine being in one in Egypt. Many of you do fly though and it’s closer to home.

The twin attacks are the latest example of the continued persecution that Coptic Christians suffer from various Muslim groups. As I mentioned in  When The Bodies Hit the Floor, about the USA firing 59 Tomahawk at targets in Syria. In the right perspective it can be viewed as just a microscopic part of ongoing warfare, with President Obama having been the first US president to have the country be at war during every day of his administration. So one of situation with airlines vs a bombing many aware of the realities in the region may not find quite unexpected.

It’s not purely the visual evidence. There are videos and images of the aftermath in the churches. News coverage aw well and I have seen some exterior video of the at least one church exploding, links below. As for the plane incident I know of 2cellphone videos of the incident as it happened and numerous pictures. It was also in English though with people exclaiming their shock in real time. one female in particular was aghast at what she saw, In most of the pictures and videos from Egypt I see mostly males.

Does what you think about effect whether you consider the loss worse? As an Apatheist the significance of the church solely removes any doubt of it being a religiously targeted attack. Targeted not motivated as all Islamic terrorism is motivated by Islam but is not always targeted at specific religions let alone people they define as not devoutly Muslim enough. Should the professions of the 3 people that chose the offer of a later flight matter since we are told that the passenger who caught a beating claimed to be a doctor that needed to get back home and see patients? What if he was just wanted to get back home to watch some do some drugs and do some drugs? What if he had to take this flight because he was stalking someone on it?

What point am I trying to make? I don’t quite know but neither do many of you when you express your virtue outrage.


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