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Hillary Clinton could have been the president of the United states of America. The mainstream media was trying their best to give her as much exposure as they could for almost 2 years that I just almost get surprised every time she pops back into some news story. As mentioned in When The Bodies Hit the Floor, I do not like or expect to support everything Trump does but Mrs Clinton was almost guaranteed to sicken me.

I saw this article today, Hillary Clinton to Receive Planned Parenthood’s ‘Champion of the Century’ Award. Here is another example of her likely proudly doing somehtign I would personally have nothing to do with. Something sickens me about an award show titled “once-in-a Lifetime” for an organization that ends so many potential lifetimes. Yes I get that their argument is that it fees or empowers the pregnant female’s lifetime. I get that they also provide family planning to others. I get that and they have in the past had my tacit support. That has changed.

I do not think they should be shut down but I would support them receiving no funding form taxed money. Confiscating money form people to aid in the ending of potential lives…indebting future generations to pay for the preventing the births of members of those generations. Look if they do provide a needed service, a system will eb found to willingly fund it.

I digress. Shall use this story about Hillary Clinton to finally post the following blog that I wrote over a year ago. It was after the undercover recordings of Planned Parenthood staff members discussing the disembodiment and use of the fetal parts post abortion. I was disgusted by my past support for them and the material I heard in the videos. Also part of the Totally Unresearched Dalliance series...Language and topic matter are adult so you have been warned.



That was what I felt when hearing that person speak on the Hidden Camera video.

I first heard of it on alternative media. I wondered what other Media sources would say. The other search engine that is not Google was silent. It was not too surprising. Maybe they were just biding their time for more information.

A few days later I finally saw a story on their news ticker. I clicked and read to find an author mostly decrying the recording and time of release to be a convenient political ploy…

Fuck you.



To focus on that and not the content of the video. I am unsure it will be found to be illegal, and if there are some legal issues it is a government program, so who is going to prosecute who? There will be scapegoats for the public and internal shuffling of personnel. Will there be an end to the practice?


What is my take on abortion. Should it be completely illegal? No. Should it be state funded from the general populations taxes? No. The same objections people have to tax funded banker bailouts are the same others have for abortions. Be it from religious convictions or not, if you do not approve of an action you should not have to be made complicit in funding it. Many are not a fan of capital punishment, or any of the questionable altercations between law enforcement and possible criminals. From a moral standpoint, they object to the actions taken in their name on their dollar. Why is it so different here?

Why can’t they have a separate section of Planned Parenthood called Unplanned Pregnancies that is privately funded?

Now as for the legality, in the United States it is illegal to sell human parts. In the video it was apparent that only the transporting to the parts, post abortion, were being paid for by the ‘client.’ I have some observations from some of the reactions.

There are those that do not consider it a human child until birth, or at least well into the pregnancy. This has always been odd to me. Do they think one day the sun goes down with a collection of cells in a womb and rises the next finding a human? There are some that consider it a collection of cells, are still enraged by the video? Why should they be?  If it isn’t a human why object to the transaction of the cells?

I would be interested in a venn diagram of those that support organizations such as Peta and consider humanity granted at the point of surviving outside the womb. The author and the person in the video are likely true believers that there was no humanity in those cells.

There was a lot of outrage expressed in the comments. Interspersed with some defense and deflections. One equated it to being an organ donor. This does not quite fit as it is a decision made by an adult of what to do with their body once they are done with it. In this case the only arguable correlation would be informing the person going through the procedure of what would be done with what was removed. As it is being considered a part of them that they can decide over.

I would argue that if it is not considered a separate being, but a collection of cells, then you’d have to at least make an honest attempt to contact the person that has donate the other 50% of said cells that are being removed that their genetic material is about to be given off to science.

I doubt they told the women undergoing the abortions so very unlikely they would find the male donors.


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