Who Weight Weighs On

Religious thinking is often nonsensical. In even the best cases it enables one to make special cases for certain groups or things to follow one line of reasoning and completely divorce others from the same concerns. I am not one to say that females and males have similar social expectations for how their body physically appears. We are a sexually dimorphic species and it differs, but as we share being biological beings there are similarities universal causes. Different things happen for the same reason.

What lies at the root of an attractive appearance? If you are scouting for a college basketball team a 6’7″  lean ,190 pound teen, with unusually long hands, that is not that fast would be more attractive than a 6’1″ muscled, 230 pound, 23 year old with olympic sprinter speed. If you are scouting a professional football team the second person would be the attractive one. If you are hiring programmers for a new tech startup you may not need to see them unless one is a white then they are less attractive because muh diversitah, but lets admit whit people don’t get these athletic bodies hahahah anyway… If hiring for tech you’d be come concerned with previous education and evidence of their mental capacity.

So how about if you added a 3rd individual that was 5’5″, flabby, balding and 300 pound recent graduate to 2 with the body types listed above? They all have similar grades, took similar courses, show similar proficiency in coding. does the larger body show more dedication to a sedentary life possibly spending more of their free tie sitting at a computer coding or learning more about tech vs the athletic type that may spend a lot of free time working out or doing outdoor activities? A good hiring manager would consider the team environment the employee will be placed in. Should playing in sports teams count for more than playing as a member of a guild in an online game? There are more considerations such as future health costs, team morale and more that change ones attraction. What if I told you relationships, especially marriage are far more like a business than given credit.

The purpose of attraction and in the personal case the dating and marriage it leads to is reproduction. A males body is judged for what it an do. Physical fitness is a part of it depending on the field, but its ability to provide resources is key. I bet most women would take a fit male that makes $100,000 over an overweight and unathletic one that makes $110,00. Now what if that second person makes double or more, that windfall would be enough for many to overlook the lack of physical fitness. Sure they may be indicating lower lifespan but they also earn enough to likely makeup for that.

Now, when it comes to females, the appearance of physical fitness of their body is more directly tied to their attractiveness. How much one earns is not that much of a consideration as males tend to take that responsibility onto themselves I exchange for the almost invaluable ability to bear children. Now what does being overweight have to do with this? Well fertility is negatively affected by weight. Energy for caring for the children will also be reduced. if you have two female nurses, a single 30 yr old male would be more attracted to the unathletic female in her early 20s than the triathlete in her late 30s.  Why is this? Reproductive potential.

We can not divorce ourselves from the forces that drove evolution over millennia. No matter what social programs, movements or justice whiners may say. In teh past when most people had to toil in the fields for work, being larger indicated you had access to or came form a family that could provide more resources for future reproduction, so that was attractive. Today being overweight is almost always a choice. It is quite often a symptom of unresolved mental issues that result in and stem from addictive behavior and lack of self control (that may not be entirely of the persons doing but still theirs none the less) Unfortunately also may foreshadow a shorter lifespan. Despite what Santa Clause may lead some to believe, there aren’t many old fat people be they jolly or not.

What weighs on the soul often shows in our mind and then on our body.

It makes sense that fat is not attractive. As mentioned in Athletically Active genetically gifted males can produce more through actions, whereas genetically gifted females can do it more from people watching their body just be attractive. I argue that in both cases there is an attraction for others who would want that body for themselves or be able to be with or do what the body is doing. The reasons matter to reason. Not so much to religions. Feminism included.

This post was inspired by another great video by Janice Fiamengo over at

From the video :

Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada recently removed the weigh scale from its student gym citing concerns that some students with body issues might be “triggered” by the scale. In episode 59 of The Fiamengo File professor Fiamengo discusses the bizarre disconnect between feminist assertions and the reality of the science of obesity.


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